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Do the worries and concerns of life stress you out? Are you held prisoner by the recklessness that seems to surround you? Are you at the end of your wits and forever searching for some release from the pressures associated with daily life?

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? When was the last time you surrounded yourself with the tranquility and natural beauty of nature? Why do you deny yourself simple moments that have immense healing benefits?

There is nothing that calms us more than the splendor of nature. A walk in the woods can provide instantaneous relief from stress.

What is it about nature that has this calming influence over us?

The songs of the birds, the wind whistling through the trees, the warmth of the Sun or even the brisk coldness can have astounding effects on our mental outlook. Listen to the gentle sound of rain falling on a lake or the crash of waves meeting a rocky shoreline can be most relaxing. The waters that surround so many of us have natural magnificence that few artists can even capture. Watch the waves, even the gentle ones and the colours, reflected by the sky and clouds. These are captivating and so very soothing.

Nature (for most of us) is where we belong. This is where we feel at home. It is a place where the pressures of life naturally dissipate.

The next time you are caught up in a life experience that is not overly pleasing, take time to ground yourself and allow yourself time to escape even if only for a short time. If you cannot get out of the City go to a local park or beach, take off your shoes and place your bare feet on the sand or grass. Be one with nature and experience its timeless beauty. The most beautiful things in life are free for the taking. Enjoy what is available. Nature is for all to enjoy.

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