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Is it time to regain your momentum?

Is it time to abandon thoughts that no longer serve a real and positive purpose?

Are you lost within philosophies that amplify and focus on discord? Do these not only serves to stifles your growth and leaves you with a heavy heart?

Each one of us has the ability to step out of these conditions and to experience happiness and peace. We deserve every ounce of happiness that we allow ourselves to experience. Why limit this experience?

By releasing any form of belief structure that holds us back, we can then allow happiness. Happiness is an inside job.

It is time to recognize that we ARE the architects of our own destiny.

We can let go of anything that holds us back. We can let go of any thought that cultivates sadness and shame. We can let go of any thought that suggests that we will not succeed or are not entitled to succeed.

We truly hold the key to our destiny. If we are not on the path that we would like to see ourselves on, we can change our focus and change our journey.

We can accept the possibility that we deserve happiness. Happiness is meant to be a part of our journey. It is not the destination.

We are perfect in every aspect, for perfection is found within each and every one of us. We are only held back by our perceptions and beliefs. It is within our power to move in any direction, to take life and to mould it into whatever we want. Simply believe...with all of our hearts and our minds. Live as thought our desires are already in place.

We can start small to build our confidence. Begin with something that we believe “might” be attainable, and then we can set our sights on it and make it happen.

Next we can change our attitude from “might” to “undoubtedly”. Over time and by applying this focus and these values, we will observe a shift and understand that we actually are in control of manifesting within our life.

We will experience turning points and we will also have to push beyond past doubts. By making the decision that we will only focus on positive affirmations and positive results, we will create positive outcomes. This does not mean that life will not present challenges, but if our focus is on the positive, we will see these challenges as building blocks not stumbling blocks.

We are at the creation of our experience through our focus, every step of the way. Our focus IS IN OUR CONTROL. We can set our focus and evaluate our progress, not from where we have been, but from the wonderful potential that lies ahead.

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