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Life can run relatively smooth and then seemingly out of nowhere, we are suddenly propelled into unknown territory. Sometimes, for example, we are forced to leave a long term relationship and as a result we are removed from a comfortable situation. Sometimes the breakup is unbearable and we feel as though moving into these uncharted waters is frightening and oh so foreign.

It is important to allow the necessary time to become more comfortable with these new experiences and to allow ourselves time to heal. Even if it were us personally who have decided to end the relationship, it can still be a challenging situation and the necessary decision puts us in a place that we would rather not be. It is, however, very important to understand and accept that these changes are necessary on some level and even if it feels totally unfamiliar, we will and do get used to our new situation as life begins to settle. Even positive change can be stressful.

In some cases, we are forced into breaking away from more than just one relationship. The break, many times, can include friends and family that we have enjoy for many years as a result of the relationship. We may try to maintain the friendships. Some will be successful, others will not.

Sometimes people come into our lives for only a short period and then move on without warning or time for proper preparation. These times can be troubling and the road ahead appears unclear. It is common to fear the unknown but the new journey can offer happiness like we have never known before. Remember that before we can move forward into the promise of our future, we have to release ourselves from the past. Letting go is essential for a new door opening and being able to venture forward.

Very few of us truly know what tomorrow will bring. We do control, however, how we move forward. If we move forward anticipating disruptions, we will find disorder. If we move forward anticipating a positive new adventure, we will find a constructive future.

What will you manufacture?

Pay close attention to your attitude moving forward and where your focus lies.

The road ahead can be a little intimidating if we allow but it is a path laid down for each individual and is specific to us. Stay open to your destiny. Life has its challenging conditions but this is how we grow and expand as a person. Allow life to unfold. Remain open, experience and maintain a positive attitude. Trust in the process. Bend when you need too, but be steadfast when it is necessary.

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