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Do you feel caught up in everyday affairs? Do you feel frustrated with the routine of going to work to make money to pay your bills? Have you ever pondered the reason why you live this material life when you are far more interested in exploring spiritual enlightenment, experiencing the awakening and uncovering more and more from source? How and why does anyone following this path have to live through material conditions? What purpose do these material conditions serve?

There are many of us that ask these questions. They certainly are valid. You would think that there could be alternate courses that would eventually lead you to a similar place. Why is life so tedious at times and is there not really an easier course or path that we could take which would lead us to the same end as this twisting and frustrating route the material journey teaches us?

The answers to these questions are obviously beyond mortal understanding and we have to realize that as spiritual beings we chose to enter into this life. We chose to be the person we are today. We chose the route most appropriate to teach us the knowledge we deemed necessary. We also picked the most profound path that would have the most impact for growth. We understood what we needed when we picked this life and although we are currently unfamiliar with the why behind our existence, we have been granted the path we require to facilitate our spiritual growth.

We can make concessions along the way and choose to move in different directions as we have been given free will, but the overall package of life is predetermined and we will walk the road of life that we create along the way. It may sound like a bit of a contradiction and might be difficult to understand as it is suggested that you create your life’s path through everyday living yet it is also predetermined. Spirit is aware of the “flavour” of our life without having to know specifics of everyday living. Time is ever present and the past and future are linked together and form the now in which we exist.

We do make concessions along the way but the path that we choose although new to us physically will always take us to where we need to go. See time from all dimensions. The past, the present and the future co-exist and are ever-present. In spirit all is understood.

We are on this road of life and we live it day after day. We create our tomorrows by the concepts we follow today. Understand this and realize how important it is that you lay a framework that will offer you the most bang for your buck. Think in positive terms. Practice patience and believe in the unbelievable.

All is attainable and what you search for is within your grasp. It will materialize in one form or another as you acquaint yourself with the process of creation. Without realizing, you have done this your whole life. Recognize this now and exercise your control. Make life happen.

Our so-called mundane existence is not so mundane after all, when we allow ourselves to take it all in and experience the constant moment. The moment within the moment is all about awareness. Experience it to the fullest and do not run from it. The moment has already found you so utilize it. Focusing on the moment is the best investment you can make.


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