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Mutual Reception in an Astrology Chart

Mutual Reception is an astrological term given when two planets link together. If for example Mercury was in Leo, the Sun’s natural ruler and the Sun was in Gemini, Mercury’s natural ruler, the two planets are said to be in Mutual Reception to one another. Another example would be Venus in Cancer, the Moon’s natural ruler and the Moon in Libra or Taurus Venus’s natural ruler. One last example would be if Mars was in Leo the Sun’s natural ruler and the Sun was Scorpio or Aries the planet Mars naturally rules. These would also be in mutual reception to one another.

The planets linked by Mutual Reception are said to have an attraction with one another and work well together. They gain in strength and take on each other’s qualities and energies. They almost work as one unit. Each gathers energy from the other. It is although they are creating a new energy.

When these planets are in aspect to one another in the Birth chart the significance of the two planets is emphasized and strengthened. If there is no aspect between the two planets, their energies are still linked unlike other planets not linked through aspect. If the aspect between the planets is a positive one, like the trine, the sextile or sometimes the conjunction, the positive energies are linked and operate at an even higher frequency. If the planets are linked by challenging aspects, such as the square or opposition and sometimes the conjunction, the difficulty defined by the given planets is moderated or softened.

It is fortunate to have a Mutual Reception found in the horoscope and although there are dozens of possibilities, it is not all that common. The houses the planets are located in should also be considered as it is as though they are working harmoniously together and linking up with the area of life involved, (indicated by the house the planet is located in).

To go deeper and to consider the strength of these Mutual Receptions, you also have to take into consideration whether the Planet’s sign is in detriment, exaltation or fall. This plays into the ability of the union to operate on a higher function. Please see our previous post focused on detriment, exaltation and fall as what is suggested would be too numerous to mention in this post.

Mutual reception should always be considered when deciphering a Natal chart, although there will be other mitigating aspects within a chart which will be stronger and more influential than the Mutual Reception. Mutual Reception does, however, describe other hidden strengths within the personality as the energy of the planets involved link up.

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