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One of the great lessons in life is the recognition and acknowledgement of our control in our life’s circumstances. We alone control our response to our destiny. Although life does happen and sometimes the lessons can be difficult, we always have a choice as to how we respond and deal with whatever comes our way.

We will go through extremes events and emotions throughout our “study” of life. In one lesson, life may seem to fall apart and we will experience change on some level and this change will be apparent. Sometimes it feels as though we have been cast into oblivion and we may feel as though there simply is no remedy. We struggle with our understanding and as a result, the lesson feels as though it is filled with adversity and we in turn experience anxiety. These are the times that we must dig deeper and reminder ourselves of the control we have. We must remind ourselves that we are the orchestrators of our life’s journey. We may not consciously remember where we have come from before we entered this incarnation, but we can remind ourselves that these conditions are in place for our greater good. These conditions do not define us but they do teach us.

When these types of life conditions present themselves to us, it can be very difficult to accept responsibility let alone find it within ourselves to know that this is happening for our greater good. It can be hard to look past the lesson or event to unearth anything that even resembles anything good or positive, especially when we are caught up in the moment. As time passes, if we choose to look at life from this perspective, we will find our way through the lesson and come out the other side stronger, more resilient and much wiser with the lesson well learned.

It becomes apparent that our mental focus is of primary importance when dealing with life’s lessons and this applies also when life seems perfect too. We should never take anything for granted and always be thankful for life’s opportunities. Wonderful experiences come along regularly too; it is far too easy to forget to appreciate these events. Feeling love, knowing the satisfaction of a job well done, hearing the laughter of a child, sharing with friends, experiencing good health, being open to learning, encountering good fortune, being able to share our bounty, freedom to think and speak, understanding hope, knowing the feeling of a full stomach, feeling the sun’s rays shine upon our face, experiencing the wonder of nature……these all can fill us with deep contentment and appreciation if we see them for what they are.

It is important to remember our focus and what it is creating; recognize the control that we have; place faith in ourselves and be honest to ourselves as well. If we feel small flaws in our approach, change them. If we feel responsible for any form of pain felt by others, we should take action to correct this, if we can give love then we should be receptive to receiving love; we can share our love unconditionally. There is no greater gift.

You are the orchestrator of the emotional condition of your life. You dictate how your approach to life unravels. You are your best friend or your worst enemy. Which do you choose?

Two individuals attend a wedding and sit together at the same table. When the wedding is over, you question them both on how they enjoyed the celebration. The first individual tells you that it was a wonderful event and that they are so appreciative to have been able to share in the celebrations. The second individual reveals that it was boring and a waste of their time. Both people experienced exactly the same event. Their attitude has dictated their experience. Which person are you?

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