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If you have natal Jupiter is in the sign of Aries, you could be a pioneering individual. These individuals usually are one who walks their own walk, talks their own talk and acts in terms of leading rather than following. They can be very enthusiastic and have the ability to push others into action. They have strong opinions and believe in themselves. They always appear quite confident. They are not afraid of competition, in fact they like it. They calculate optimistically and forge ahead once their mind is made up, which may not take long. If they fail to reach a specific goal, they are quite comfortable with picking up the pieces and beginning anew. They just have to learn from their mistakes.

Aries rules the first house and if Jupiter is in the first house natally, these individuals often appear very cheerful and fun-loving. They are kind-hearted and really believe in the power of positive thinking. They live their lives with this in mind. They understand that negativity breads negativity and they try to steer clear of such thinking. This might make them appear a little naïve but they truly believe that optimistic thinking advances them and others, and this attitude will push positivity out into their environment.

Jupiter in Leo individuals are very generous with their efforts in assisting others. They are also optimistic and have good luck when it comes to intimating relationships, although some give more than they receive. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion. In Leo, these people can be quite proud of their achievements and just as proud of the achievement of those that are near and dear to them. They love adventure and may also find fortune with their expertise in the arts, as some seem to be quite adept in creating in life. Their children, as well as other people’s children, are important to them and they will spend much of their time making sure that their needs are met. This generous nature truly comes from the heart.

The fifth house is ruled by Leo and those that have Jupiter in the fifth house are warm-hearted, genuine in their caring attitudes and truly want to help. Jupiter also rules expansion and the learning of religious doctrines and life’s philosophies. These individuals may be adept at learning and teaching these areas of life to those around them. As mentioned, creativity is an area of potential opportunities and this could be found through many different avenues of expression. Just watch for a potential love of gambling, as taking risks and finding ways to capture enjoyment is also high on these people’s minds.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is quite at home in this placement and often produces talents in religion, philosophy and mystical pursuits. These individuals develop through these channels over their life time and will explore these areas in great depths. Life and its experiences are what these people wish to find, whether this be found in the great outdoors, through activities in sporting events or through philosophical understanding. They want to learn by experiencing these things first hand. Many find travel to foreign lands is an area where higher learning can be acquired.

Jupiter rules the ninth house and those that have their natal Jupiter in the ninth house have a great need to gain insight and knowledge from what life teaches. Many are skilled at teaching and many have educated themselves through life; either through the actual schooling process or through the school of hard knocks. They are seekers of the wide open spaces and live their lives with a desire for free speech and are not afraid to say what they feel, regardless of who it may offend. They are open, quite willing to debate and have a wide range of knowledge on many subjects. They are the teachers of the zodiac and are knowledgeable because they have often either read about these things and more than likely have experiences to back up their facts.

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