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A natal aspect between the Sun and Jupiter regardless of which aspect it may be holds great promise. The trine, in particular, is favourable as it provides easy flow and positive outcomes. When Jupiter is involved in any aspect it often implies good luck and beneficial results which often promote substantial growth and expansion. Jupiter brings positive outcomes, favourable conditions and promising opportunities. It is like having a good luck charm.

The Sun speaks of our goals and ambitions. This could include business enterprise, capital investment, inner development and our life’s path. Personal development is also tied to the Sun and Jupiter will promote inner reflection often leading to further development and growth as an individual. It brings good luck in obtaining benefits and opportunities to make a name in business, in recognition for diligent work and for any push to succeed.

Easy growth is often indicated with this combination and the path ahead is often without obstacles. Much can be obtained and this would also include any spiritual development that may interest you, any religious experience and philosophical pursuits. Some of these avenues that you may wish to follow can be found while exploring other cultures and while in foreign countries. Travel to promote growth is highly recommended throughout life and visiting new surroundings may be right up your alley.

Don’t forget this is a natal aspect, so it will be something that works favorably throughout life’s experience when it becomes activated through transit or progression.

Much will depend on the houses involved and the signs that this trine aspect falls in. A trine in water may indicate intuitive understanding and development and an understanding of emotions, and your caring nature may expand over time.

A fire trine may indicate the ability to push forward and achieve in life, a want for excitement and exploration and a need for discovery.

An earth trine may indicate that material abundance is attainable or in some cases you may be born into wealth and prosperity.

An air trine could indicate opportunities and easy flow in the communication fields, perhaps teaching, or lecturing or becoming a writer or philosopher is indicated.

A trine between the first and fifth houses may indicate good fortune in romantic involvements or an enterprise dealing with your creative potential. A trine from the second to the sixth house may indicate security often in financial terms working in your favour tied to your working environment and a good affiliation with co-workers. It may mean favorable health with a robust and strong body. A trine between the third and seventh house, could indicate good communication within close personal relationship often the husband or wife. It could also mean that there is a good rapport with siblings and neighbours.

This trine brings many opportunities but trines often need stimulation. Sometimes we need to make use of these pleasant vibrations and use the energies to expand on life’s opportunities. The worst thing that we can do is sit back and do nothing, just because things seem to fall into our lap. We still need to expand on our trines and sextiles and make things happen. Opportunities await those that choose to explore these potentials.

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