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Uranus takes 84 years to complete its transit around the Zodiac. It moves through a sign in approximately 7 years. Uranus is known as the awakener and is the ruling planet of the sign Aquarius. It is an outer planet (with Neptune and Pluto) and its effects can be quite life altering while it is in aspect to natal positions.

With natal positioning, Uranus often speaks of the need to be different, the need for revolution or change and often speaks of change and new directions through different ways of communicating when connected to Mercury, the planet of the mind. Uranus will awaken and stimulate uniqueness and offer different perspectives through dialogue and its ability to stimulate the mind in new directions.

The trine itself speaks of easy flow and the ability to move in new directions and change opinion in dynamic ways. The mind is stimulated and often ahead of its time when it comes to revelations and new concepts. The mind can be considered somewhat genius and distinctive and communication can be uplifting and original. Science and technology are often sideshoots of Uranus depending on its sign and house position.

People with this may be considered somewhat eccentric, and they think outside of the box. There is something in the conversation which stirs the imagination and can instigate change through experience. A new and different outlook is often experienced by people with this in their chart. We can always expect something out of the ordinary from these individuals.

The mind works quickly, often without hesitation and the results from open conversation can easily stir others into action. They speak of change in direction because what has been in place prior to this time is no longer suitable for continued growth and exploration. Dull or boring would never be what this aspect speaks to. The unusual and original thinking is what this is all about. Interesting conversation, open dialogue and a strong push for the new is clear with this formation. Listen and learn or speak and be the orchestrator of unique perception and future ideologies.

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