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Nature and All of Its Splendor

You say that you want to explore and live your life to the fullest. When was the last time you had a few minutes alone in nature? There is a calming effect that nature emits which truly cannot be enjoyed elsewhere. Take a walk in the woods. Take a walk along a beach away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the world and your busy day. Take in all of the splendor nature has to offer. There is nothing quite like it and nothing calms you as nature can.

There are still spots, although very limited, that are untouched by man or at least this is how it seems.

As we all know, if we break anything down on a fundamental level we are all the same including all that is in nature. It is no wonder we feel so at home and at peace when surrounded by all that is natural.

Are you searching for God? Take a look around you (although you don’t have to find nature to discover God). Nature is certainly reflective of God’s presence.

Take a few minutes this weekend or this evening to explore a little of Mother Nature’s glory. Allow its calming effects to penetrate your day’s experience. Allow nature’s serene energy to slip in even the tiniest of cracks of your being. There is nothing like it. Nature’s calm can penetrate into the core of most any less than positive issue as it gently circulates peace and serenity. What a true blessing.

Some of us are lucky enough to enjoy Nature close up and personal. For those who have the magnificent view of the mountains at your door step, is it not amazing how it makes you feel so insignificant yet the energy totally encompasses you? A mountain emits power on a unique level, a level that man could never hope to accomplish and it does this without any attempt to do so. It just is. We can all learn something from this. We can understand that in order to reach purity and fullness, we just need to let things be and unfold, to let life take us on our journey. This is not to say that we sit back and wait for life to unfold. We do have the ability to push in different directions and accomplish, but in the overall scheme of things, life does lead our way.

Enjoy the peace that Nature effortlessly shares. Feel its warmth, its gentleness and its power and know that it is part of you and you are part of it. These qualities that nature seems to naturally shroud us with can also be found within. We do not have to search too deeply to find this feeling as it is ours naturally whenever we decide to feel it. Love and compassion are our birthrights and nature mirrors the way. It just is and it just manifests naturally. We have the power of thought. With this powerful tool, we can manifest any reality that we wish for ourselves. It is a natural by-product of life and we control our destiny through our interaction with life. We choose the expression we want to convey and adopt in our journey.

We are all one; this includes nature and its finest expression. If nature can be so beautiful and bountiful, so can we. It may take time to manifest but as nature grows leaves and produces the fruit of life regularly and naturally, so can we produce the fruits of our labour.

It has taken us a life time to create our reactions to life. It will take more work before we experience the unfolded story of our tomorrow, but we are constantly building upon it. Today, let us focus our energies on today. If you do not like what we see, we change our focus or change our attitude towards our expression of truth. It IS in our hands. Start your creation now!


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