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The sextile between Neptune and Pluto is a long standing aspect and it has been in influence for 70 years; therefore, everyone under the age of 70 will have this aspect in their birth chart. This is a very sensitive placement between these two outer planets and is said to stimulate psychic and clairvoyant abilities, particularly if the Sun or Moon are also aspected by these planets. The closer this sextile aspect is to being direct (60 degrees), the stronger the influence.

This sextile began during the Second World War around 1942 and deals with inner exploration, the mystical journey if you will. I am sure that during the onset of the Second World War many individuals would have spent time in contemplation as to the why behind this war and learned a great deal about themselves during their plight. This would have taken place on a global scale and even those that were fighting were not influenced by this sextile in their birth chart, but would have had it in transit and affecting different areas of their natal chart through transits.

Both Pluto and Neptune deal with the subconscious. Neptune deals with spirituality while Pluto deals with transformation. You can imagine the influence that these two giants in Astrology would play in the lives of us that have this energy strongly influencing our lives. The sextile between these two planetary energies deal with the collective and the philosophy of the people influenced by this union. Many are swayed through the intuitive channels and are quite pioneering dealing with problems faced by humanity.

There are those that can use their psychic abilities and aid others in their quest for truth in life. Many of us who have this sextile strongly placed in our birth charts have the potential for expanding our understanding of the psychic and mystical journey that we share. When among groups of people with shared interests, these latent abilities, this potential, can surface and become part of the everyday experience, after all it is known as the super-NATURAL.

It is believed that if we were to follow our dreams, we can make them a reality. This holds true just as the fact that we mold our reality through belief structure and expectations in life. There are many clairvoyants and psychics with this sextile who openly use these techniques as planning tools to better our world and infiltrate our consciousness with a willingness to explore the inner regions of the mind and our true connection with the world of mysticism.

Many individuals will experience precognitive dreams and many have innate psychic healing energies. We can work with our dreams as well and help others decipher their dreams and use these tools as guiding factors in our lives. There is a great desire for justice and goodness amongst many of these people and a major factor in their lives is to assist others to reach their spiritual potential and awaken unto themselves.

Check the transits of Uranus which is in Taurus as I write this post as to when it will will trine your natal Pluto and also be in opposition to natal Neptune. This should awaken many of the individuals that have this placement strong in their charts. The influence may come from others and the areas of life that will be affected (house placements) will be associated with the placement of these natal planets in the birth chart. You could use an orb of 5 degrees approaching and the effects may be felt 2-3 degree separating.

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