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Neptune has many faces. It can be illusive and mysterious yet transparent to those that are willing not only to experience its translucent energies but are also able to hold a vision far beyond what many people consider normal. Neptune can be deceptive and yet will alert us to things that are not conscious. It will, however, dispel the truth when viewed from the wrong perspective. Those in its positive power are allowed vision, intuition, an understanding of the unknown and perception beyond what is considered the normal confines of reality.

When caught up in Neptune’s veil, we can be susceptible to misalignment and confusion. Uncertainty can be a by-product when Neptune’s energies are out of alignment. When properly aligned, Neptune’s energies can take us to places that bring forth alluring and mystical connections. It can pull us in directions that we would never have known prior to its linkage. It can take us down roads that lead to enlightenment or disillusion depending on our personal view.

So, can Neptune be trusted to foster some path that will eventually lead to awakening?

The path Neptune will take and how it unfolds can be found with its connection to other planets in our chart. How it plays out in our life will be determined not only by its aspects to other planets but also through its house position and house ruler. Look to the cusp with Pisces on its border in your chart to find deeper meanings behind what Neptune is trying to say to you in your case.

Is Neptune connected to your Nodes or your Sun?

Does Neptune have linkage with the Ascendant or Midheaven?

Is the Moon tied to Neptune in your chart or does Mercury play into Neptune’s significance?

Look to the sign Neptune is in in your birth chart, (although due to its long slow movement this is generational). Look to its link to Pluto especially if close contact is apparent. We all have the sextile. How close is the connection in your chart?

The sextile is an opportunity aspect so what will you do to transform your energies and which direction will you take?

What area of life will be involved and when will transits activate these energies?

Neptune is not sinister. It is wondrous and magical. Neptune encapsulates spirituality deeper than any other planet.

What does Neptune say in your natal chart and how will you choose to unfold its energies?

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