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We are continuing with our Neptune retrograde post from June 8, 2016. We will define how this Neptune retrograde positioning can affect your chart.

For example, if you have Neptune in the first house in your birth chart, and transiting Neptune is in the sixth house, this could reveal an awakening of sorts to the workings of spirituality in your life. This energy will assist you in seeing things more clearly and realizing the mystical qualities in your life. This could also present itself as a change in health conditions, a change in the working environment and an overall attitude adjustment to the nature of life and how it affects you in physical terms.

Neptune in the first house suggests a spiritual life. It suggests an awakening and enlightenment unfolding over time. Much depends on the state of Neptune in its natal position as to how this plays itself out. We all have Neptune sextile to Pluto in our birth charts (the tighter the aspect the stronger the energies) which suggests that inner reflection and dynamic changes in our perceptions which will lean towards spiritual matters. For those with artistic abilities, the development of this potential will be part of life’s unfolding story.

If for example you have natal Neptune in the second house and transiting Neptune in the seventh house, the experience may deal with financial matters or security from an inner perspective associated with business matters or relationships. During this time, you may end up getting married or the relationship could become somehow more real, as you will see past any illusive thoughts or visions you may have held about your potential partner. This may also be represented through a contact or an associate with ties to your business.

Transiting Neptune is moving through its own sign of Pisces. Neptune takes 14 years to move through a sign. This planet has been in Pisces since the spring of 2011 and will remain in Pisces until 2025. Neptune in Pisces will be related to the mystical unfolding which will last several generations, due to the length of time Neptune and Pluto will be in sextile with one another. This sextile may be tied to the awakening that is currently taking place. It will bring to the forefront greater awareness of our own mystical pursuits and awaken latent talents associated with spirituality and the psychic connection we all share. This is a glorious time for mankind. This is part of the dynamics of the shift that is taking hold in our world. This is a transitional stage and as Neptune deals with fact and fiction, illusive periods will lead the way to the awakening stages of evolution.

Much of what takes hold over the next six months will have to be delineated with respect to the overall condition of Neptune in your birth chart, other aspects to Neptune through its transit, as well as any other planet that will be affected through transit during this period. The natal chart should be deciphered, as well as the progressed and solar charts for the period in question in order to get an overall picture of what will be unfolding.

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It will be exciting to see how Transiting Neptune retrograde plays out in each of our lives.

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