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We had indicated on August 8 that we would continue our look on tight aspects in Transits and Progressions today. However, we thought it much more important to discuss the New Moon, Solar Eclipse which will take place tomorrow, August 11, 2018. We will continue our look at tight aspects on August 13 and 15.

The New Moon (Partial) Solar Eclipse begins at 5:57 am EDT and is 18 degrees in the sign of Leo. It should be noted that because the moon is visible during daytime hours, the night skies will be quite dark which is ideal for viewing the Perseid meteor showers (if Momma Nature co-operates) which peak, I believe, on August 13.

Those with their Sun, Moon, angles or other planetary links to this position will not only be influenced by this New Moon position but also by the Solar eclipse. This will be the third and final solar eclipse of 2018. This eclipse can be viewed (again if Momma Nature co-operates) in the north Atlantic in northern Canada, the Arctic, northern and eastern parts of Europe and some northern and western parts of Asia.

The energies of a Solar eclipse is said to last the equal amount of years as hours of the time span of the eclipse. The average Solar Eclipse lasts 3 to 4 hours, so the average duration of the energetic influence would be 3 to 4 years. This partial eclipse will be much shorter than this in totality. There are times when an outpouring of events and insights (particularly with this eclipse being linked to Mercury) occur on the given day of the eclipse.

The issues or knowledge that arises during this event (although not limited to this period) will be what needs to be discussed over the upcoming duration of the eclipse influence (in years). So what is brought to the surface will need dealing with over the whole period when activated by transits to this location in the Astrology chart. The eclipse becomes much more relevant when we have positions within the birth chart that are within 3 degrees by aspect to the 18 degree mark of Leo.

Progress is often made during the upcoming years, although some changes that do take place can be very transformative and will require adjustments due to the correlation of transiting Pluto which is quincunx this position at 19 degrees of Capricorn.

Unfortunately, some people fear eclipses as they have found that it brings the unconscious into consciousness and makes them aware of subtleties that would not normally be recognized.

Some, on the other hand, experience a hyperawareness with a feeling or knowing that they are capable of doing most anything during this period and this is certainly not to be feared.

We will also have a quincunx to transiting Neptune during this period. Neptune is currently at 15 degrees of Pisces. A quincunx speaks of adjustments and awareness consciously or unconsciously of what can be done, sometimes through intuitive understanding due to Neptune’s influence. You will have to take note of where this eclipse falls in your natal chart as well as the houses where transiting Neptune and Pluto are found. These will be areas of life that will be affected during this upcoming period. Transits that form an opposition and the conjunction over this placement in the upcoming years at 18 degrees Leo can have a most profound influence if activated in your chart.

The sign of the New Moon Eclipse (Leo) is also very significant and the energies are linked to the sign and its natural unfolding. Leo is a fixed fire sign often suggesting enthusiasm for life, engagement and a strong belief in self and personal capabilities. Leo is not easily sways, although the best intensions are always at heart in matters of importance. Leo is eager to help and assist and often feels as though they know what is best for others. During this period, perhaps we should pay attention to this and follow our heart and do what is best.

The New Moon also stimulates activity and is a good time to begin new things (Planting seeds in the garden of life). It is said that a solar eclipse can help us break patterns of behaviour that no longer serve a viable purpose and we can reboot our vigar in moving ahead in our life’s matters. Encourage your eagerness and utilize these energies appropriately.

The transiting planetary positioning suggested by the Sun/Moon conjunction in Leo and the quincunx’s from Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn form what is called a Yod or Finger of God formation. This configuration often speaks of emotional or psychological readjustments and the focal planet (Sun/Moon) by house and sign positioning is the area of life that needs our attentiveness. Yods often indicate turning points when we can meet the demands set up often due to a crisis in our lives. We can then work on a constructive resolution to the dilemma and come out ahead in the end.

This can be the perfect time to move away from problem areas of life and to make creative changes that not only affect our life’s course but will also help others in ways that we may not even be aware of.

The sextile between Neptune and Pluto can bring opportunities for resolution often through direct confrontation with self and an honest focus, which in turn creates positive impacts in our life.

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