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On October 19, 2017, we will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Libra. As we have mentioned many time before, the New Moon signifies the potential for starting something (time to plant your seeds) or to bringing something already created to an exciting new level. This ability to go deeper into something already begun or begin something completely new applies to everyone.

When deciphering what influence the New Moon will have on you specifically, it is important to know that the energies will have a greater influence if it is near a planet (either by conjunction, square or opposition) in your Astrology chart. It should be within five degrees to a planet or important angle. The closer to exact, the stronger effect it will have in your life. Check to see which houses are being touched by this New Moon (the house of the New Moon and the house/houses of planets affecting the position of the New Moon). Sextiles and Trines also affect the New Moon; however, the more challenging aspects will promote growth and opportunities to accelerate the potential, while the easy aspect speak of easy flow and often comfort within the areas of life affected. As a result, the easier aspects may not promoting action.

The new Moon in the sign of Libra often points to the energies of pleasing experiences, social settings, amiable situations and sometimes important love relationships. It is a time of balancing and harmonizing relationships with others and also a time to look for harmony within self. It is a balancing time not a balanced time. If there are problems within close personal relationships, this will be the time when you have the potential of correcting these issues. You can be personal, influential and also quite agreeable. Do not go overboard with this, however, as Jupiter is conjunct this positioning and often exaggerates whatever potential is available.

Jupiter tends to amplify things. It tends to blow things out of proportion or make you think in over-optimistic terms. Being optimistic and feeling that nothing can go wrong is a portion of the energies that Jupiter will bring. This can be a good thing as long as you do not over-expect, as this can bring feelings of despair when Jupiter passes from this position. Jupiter brings expansion and teaches us about life’s philosophies while experiencing it. Jupiter’s energies can open doors at this time and bring people into our circle that have great influence on us in very positive ways.

We will continue our look at the New Moon in Libra and the current aspects to it tomorrow, October 19, 2017.

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