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Today, April 22, 2020, @ 10:27 p.m. EDT, we will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Taurus at 3 degrees. Anyone with planets or important angles within three degrees of this placement by conjunction, square or opposition will be impacted by the energies of this New Moon.

On a grander scale, the energies of a New Moon affect everyone to some degree and the transits in place at the time concurrent to the lunar placement can have an effect on our world conditions on the whole. It will be more personal if it affects your personal chart directly however.

New Moons’ energies speak of new beginnings and signal the beginning of a new cycle. This is a time for refocusing on who you are and set yourself up for the road ahead. This is a great time to set your intensions and formulate a plan of action, but you should commit yourself to this as with a sustained effort the end result will be further growth or expansion.

The Full Moon (particularly the full moon in the same sign) signals the culmination of effort put forth during this cycle and what you put into goals will be the result of what comes to fruition at the Full Moon Cycle. We love to use the symbolism of a garden. You plant you seeds under the new moon. Nurture to garden and tend to your crop until the full moon of the same sign. Under the influence of the full moon, you harvest your crop and the crop will only be as plentiful as the effort you put into the growing season.

This New Moon is not overly well aspected due to its square from Saturn and its conjunction from Uranus. Saturn is at 1 degree Aquarius and Uranus is at 6 degrees Taurus. The conjunction is the strongest aspect even though it is separated by 3 degrees. This conjunction speaks of changes in the area of security and finances. This is clearly suggested by the energies in place now due to this virus affecting us all to one degree or another. If you have significators in your chart linked to this and depending on what aspect and which planets are involved, the energies could become challenging or there is a potential for optimism again depending on the aspect involved. Jupiter, Venus and the Sun often suggest favourable energies, while the outer planets and Mars often point towards somewhat challenging conditions.

Regardless of the energies in place in your chart and what is currently unfolding, there are different ways of looking at life. If we choose to look at life from a challenging vantage point, then this is what we will experience and conditions can be exaggerated. This is certainly not to say that for many people life is a challenge, but it is certainly a good practice to seek out the silver lining. Reflection is important during any New Moon Cycle and perhaps this is one of the major considerations that needs to be addressed.

The square to Saturn does suggest delays and hurtles to overcome and much of this will feel like a testing period. Security can be in question and leave us with nervous conditions which challenge us to the point of anxiety if you allow this. This will not be easy but over time Saturn builds structure and Uranus suggests new beginning are at hand because what was in place is no longer suitable for where life is taking us.

In many ways, our overall life systems were in dire need for change and something had to take hold to bring about change. I am sure many now look at life as though everything is out of their control. There is much uncertainty. We are now learning to live with less and this may foster appreciation for what we have. Lack of socialization will likely make us more appreciative of our friends and family.

Sometimes we need a little kick to make us realize how precious life is and how fortunate we are.

We will rebound and adapt. Let’s learn the important lessons at hand.

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