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Today, August 16, 2023, we will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Leo at 23°.

With the New Moon in Leo it is all about assertion, moving ahead with new set plans and building achievements that have the potential for growth and attainment. In Leo, a part of you knows what is best for the situation and if letting go is part of the process, do not hang on to anything that no longer serves you or that no longer stimulates growth. Building positive ego is good at this time and will bring forth more confidence.

This is a time for revitalization, manifestation and pushing ahead with plans that can initiate change that will build into something as time passes. Don’t get stuck on past ventures unless they are helping you achieve something viable. As one cycle begins another often ends. Pushing forward in ways that also help others get out of ruts is recommended although make sure they want your help. You may know what is best and your intentions may be good but others may not want your assistance and prefer to take on the challenge themselves.

This energy can have something to do with personal endeavors, the desire for more fun in your life (letting the child come out to play), beginning a new romantic relationship, and/or helping others as mentioned.

Check which house (area of life) is being activated in your natal chart and if you have planets in conjunction, opposition and to a lessor degree square, trine and sextile to this placement. The aspects should be within 3° of one another.

The Sun and Moon are in conjunction when we experience a New Moon and, in this case, we also have T Uranus square to this position. Uranus pushes us towards change (also indicated with a New Moon). However Uranus acts on impulse and is erratic. It can force change on us to wake us up and move us in the direction we need to take. This can affect us emotionally and push us into action because of the intensity or challenge being presented.

Often, we get little hints that something needs changing and if we do not act, this is when Uranus’ energies take hold, forcing change and opening our eyes. Even though erratic and unexpected, the energies of Uranus push us to the place where we are now meant to be. Change can be challenging but holding on to something that no longer suits us can cause disruption that is not necessary and is not productive.

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