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We will be experiencing a New Moon on August 30, 2019 at 6:38 a.m. EDT. The New Moon will be in the sign of Virgo at six degrees.

In order for this New Moon to have an influence in your life, you will need to have other planets close to the 6 degree mark in your natal chart. The more planets and angles that are within three degrees of this position, the stronger the influence, in particular, any planets that are in conjunction and/or opposition to this placement and to a lesser degree those that are in trine or sextile.

In your personal natal Astrology chart, the house that this New Moon is located in will be the house that has the potential for new beginnings and a fresh start. Those planets in the natal chart that are in opposition to this placement will often carry the flavour of someone or something having an influence on what is taking place and in many cases is the instigator or initiator of activity.

Those planets that are in conjunction to this lunar position add to the intensity of the situation and those that are in trine or sextile will either create easy flow or opportunities to the situation at hand. It should be noted that we can always use these energies to advance the cause or build towards something favourable over time.

These new beginnings often associated with a New Moon could be related to a romantic involvement, your children or your creativity (5th), or your career and advancement/disappointment in this area (10th) or your finances and material needs, along with security from an internal point of view (2nd), joint finances, inheritance or alimony and sex (8th). The connection would be determined by the aspects related to this position.

This New Moon is favourably aspected by transiting Uranus in Taurus suggesting new frontiers to challenge and a new adventure to explore. Often these apparent new paths come out of nowhere and are unexpected but point you in the right direction. Trines, as suggested, often indicate easy flow and opportunities for advancement.

This New Moon’s placement is also conjunct transiting Mars which often points towards the energy needed to forge ahead with these new plans. Watch, however, for jumping into situations without any planning or forethought. If Mars is in an unfavourable position by natal aspect to its position during transit, watch for aggressive action either on your part or the actions of others. This aggression may cause irritations and the feelings of being bullied into action. You may be on the receiving end or you may be the aggressor. Be mindful. Mars stirs things into action and often using force or aggression in some manner of expression.

This New Moon’s placement in the sign of Virgo often speaks of the need to have everything in its place and often indicates service of some sort being part of the process.

Watch for becoming too nit-picky as the ability to see all the little flaws is often accompanied with this position. Virgo is also very much into details and can be obsessive in the search for perfection. Although somewhat critical in its expression, Virgo does insist on helping and pushing ahead although cautiously. Virgo likes the tried and tested rather than the new and unexplored, although transiting Uranus will likely have something to say about that.

Enjoy the energies of this new Moon. Plant seeds in your garden of life with the energies of this new moon, nurture them and see the fruits of your labour come to fruition.

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