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We will be experiencing a New Moon on Sunday August 8, 2021.

New Moons speak of new beginnings and when in the sign of Leo at 16 degrees, these new beginnings will push you full ahead and likely make you feel as though you can accomplish anything. Leo is very exuberant and has a lot of energy when it comes to initiating anything that speaks to them from the heart. Leo feels that it knows which way to move forward and often does not feel the need to get help from others.

There is a slight deterrent from Uranus which is making a square to this positioning of the Moon/Sun (Transiting Uranus is at 14 degrees Taurus). Uranus pushes us to make changes and, in many cases, begin anew with new insight and vision for the future. Uranus’s action, however, can be quite abrupt and sudden and in many cases, it is best to wait a little before determining which path to take. Change is important but reviewing your options before you make your move is a good idea.

There is often a freedom aspect connected to this push for new beginnings and a need to break away from anything intrusive or stagnated. What you set forth on at this time will likely take some time to come to full fruition (should occur when we have a Full Moon in the same sign six months from now). Avoid being abrupt with making plans and don’t miss any steps along the way, but if you really feel the need to advance in a new direction take the bull by the horns and push ahead. If you misstep, you can always make changes at time passes.

Much will depend on the house placement of the New Moon and the aspects it makes in your natal chart. Also, the aspects that transiting Uranus is making at this time will have a significant impact on the path ahead. You always need to review your whole chart before making plans to advance. The natal potential is often released during strong transits and progressions. Your natal planets will need to be within three degrees either by conjunction, square or opposition to have any real impact. The trine and sextile also play a role in what takes place, but these work in a gentler manner and often have greater rewards than some of the harder aspects may indicate.

The answers are always written in your chart. You can make any energy work in your favor. Astrology points the way; you make the decisions.

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