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We will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Leo at 26 degrees 35 minutes at 10:41 p.m. EDT on August 18, 2020. A New Moon’s energies are about new beginnings and things that relate to the sign of Leo’s should be high on the agenda to concentrate your energies on. It is time to plan your goals and formulate an action plan and set it in motion.

Leo, the natural ruler of the fifth house, deals with your creative expression, your or other people’s children that have an influence during this time, your romantic involvement and the sheer act of enjoying what life offers especially those things that bring your inner child to the surface.

Leo is a proud sign and likes to take charge, taking responsibility and making things happen. Anything that stems from the heart and is well-intended can be pursued at this time. Make sure you are using the energies in such a way that it builds your own personal confidence or in ways that you can help others to enhance their own personal confidence. Lending a helping hand, offering advice, giving without measure, and taking pride in your own accomplishments as well as the accomplishments of others are all strong positive influences attributed to Leo.

Set goals for yourself that might be a bit lofty but not unreachable. Act upon that love affair that has been brewing for some time now. Love and share your life with others but watch for being taken advantage of by those of lessor intent. Give for the sake of giving, wishing nothing in return not even appreciation, and making sure that ego is not overly involved.

Mercury is at 27 degrees Leo and is conjunct this position of the Sun and Moon indicating that the mental processing can be very helpful, and your ideas might be right on target. The mind is stimulated and extends into whatever area of life that is being affected (indicated by the house position of Mercury and this New Moon’s placement in your natal chart). Emphasis is placed on mental processing and understanding what needs to take place and even how to go about doing it.

The North Node is Sextile to this lunar positioning at 27 degrees Gemini, so this would be a good time to follow your heart and make plans that fit the path that is most suitable at this time. The North Node is our path forward and can indicate important people coming into our lives that help with direction and action plans that point us in the right direction.

Mars is trine this position at 24 degrees in the sign of Aries. Mars is about advancement and promotion and is in place when we need to move ahead. This can be tied to romantic involvement, and although you may feel the desire to move quickly into a situation, be sure you weigh all the details out carefully before plunging into action. Aries and Mars want to be the first ones in on whatever is taking place.

Saturn is inconjunct this position at 26 degrees Capricorn suggesting adjustments are necessary and some challenge lies ahead. With proper preparation and an action plan, even though the adjustment may be somewhat difficult, you can set up things so that the potential future of whatever it is you are planning on moving towards will have some reliability and then stabilize over the long haul.

All is quite good but take some time to restructure if necessary and look and think before you jump. Potential awaits those that are ready to propel ahead and move in the appropriate direction.

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