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The New Moon on February 11, 2021, is in the sign of Aquarius at 23 degrees.

A New Moon’s energies speaks of planting seeds that will germinate and be ready for harvest when the Full Moon in is the same sign, some six months from now. However, the first month or so is important and the work you do over the entire time frame will be reflected in the final product.

To be personally influenced by this new moon, you will have to have a planet or angle in your chart that is close (within three degrees) to this placement, which is 23 degrees Aquarius either by conjunction, opposition or square.

Aquarius often has to do with humanitarian endeavors and scientific pursuits. On a larger scale, this may speak in terms of bringing to the surface a cause that might influence the masses. In personal terms this may speak of the evolution of an important relationship particularly if this New Moon is in the seventh house or making an aspect to Venus in your chart. Perhaps you may be thinking about getting involved with a group of individuals through the internet that will help a cause that would benefit many especially if this placement is found connected to the eleventh house.

Aquarius is often related to the raising of our consciousness and the evolution of those concerned. It speaks of truth through conversation and evaluation stemming from the intellect. It may be important to have discussions with those that are like-minded about pushing a higher principle ahead on some level. Perhaps engaging those of higher mind to push ahead in ways that would benefit others. This might be done in rather unique manners and perhaps in unexpected ways. It would, however, always be for the greater good of all concerned. Peaceful application is suggested and finding ways to work together will likely have a more profound effect than a singular effort.

On some personal level, this New Moon may push you to go within and discover what needs revamping. In turn, it will push you in a new direction which facilitates growth that is required for your evolution in this time and space. This could be part of your advancement especially if you have this placement in one of the water houses (4,8,12) and more challenging if you have a planet or angle at or around 23 degrees in Scorpio or Taurus. Scorpio would ask that you go deep to uncover anything that needs change while Taurus suggests that what you seek must have a lasting effect and should be pursued with diligence and constant effort.

This New Moon offers up opportunities for change and evolution if you pursue your objectives with an open mind and farsightedness. Once you do whatever work you need to do, you can spread that knowledge with others when they are ready to hear it.

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