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On February 4, 2019, we will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius at 15 degrees.

As many of our readers know, a New Moon often initiates action or suggests action on our part to begin something significant. This is the planting energies. We are to sow the seeds of our intentions. These could relate to a new relationship, a new healthy regiment, the beginning of some new project or a new course of study. This planting season in the garden of life can relate to many things and will vary from person to person. New Moons are considered quite favourable for the start of new projects.

Have a look at where 15 degrees Aquarius is located in your personal chart as this will help identify what area of life might be involved in your equation. Also check to see if you have planets at 15 degrees or major aspects especially the conjunction and opposition configured to this degree.

The Sun and Moon will be lined up by conjunction through transit at this particular time because of the occurrence of the new Moon. There are also links to transiting Mercury which falls at 19 degrees of Aquarius, Jupiter which falls at 18 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn and Neptune both forming a tight semi-sextiles to the Sun/Moon conjunction and the Part of Fortune forming a quincunx to this conjunction.

A New Moon in the sign of Aquarius can be associated with humanitarian concerns, scientific pursuits, moving in new directions especially if your natal Uranus makes aspects to this position. Eccentric ideologies often connected to future endeavors and an opening up to the energies at work may also be connected to the overall condition of this conjunction by transit and natal positioning.

The tight sextile between transiting Saturn and transiting Neptune is very powerful at this time and also promising if we can take advantage of the energies of these two planets. Neptune in its positive expression has to do with mystical enlightenment and psychic inclinations, while Saturn in its positive expressions deals with solidifying life’s objectives and finding concrete expressions and alignments after some hard work.

Put the two energies together, and you may find that this points towards concrete realization and an opening up to your intuitive perceptions, if this is part of your natal potential. Saturn can make things very clear and reliable and Neptune opens doors when we are ready to move forward into the spiritual and mystical side of life.

When these two planets form tight semi-sextiles to the New Moons position at 15 degrees Aquarius, this can suggest that the time is ripe to bring these potentials into the spotlight. It can also indicate being in the right place at the right time for life to open new doors. Once again, see how this might unfold in your chart by placement and also have a look at the natal aspect between these two planets and their house positions.

The conjunction to Mercury by this solar/lunar positioning (out by 4 degrees of exactitude) (a maximum of 4-5 degrees orb of influence either by transit or natal is suggested) indicates that the mind and the thinking process is closely tied to what is taking place. It will activate mental activity and help with sound reasoning unless poorly aspected in the birth chart and will also generate ideas often through communication. This will assist in understanding what is taking place and formulating ideas that will help cultivate movement in positive directions. Check the house position of this conjunction in your natal chart as this will help clarify what area of life is involved. Also check the natal positioning of Mercury to see how it is aspected and also what areas of life will be part of the calculation.

Jupiter makes a nice sextile to the Sun/Moon positioning and adds good luck and the potential for favourable outcomes to what is started at this time. Sextiles imply opportunities and Jupiter is quite favourable in most of life’s conditions. If, however, there are challenging aspects to this position, Jupiter can also expand on these energies. Under most conditions, however, this is considered a favourable New Moon positioning especially by those that have interlinking aspects favourably connected to this degree.

Enjoy these energies and put them to work for you.

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