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New Moon/Full Moon

On February 3, we did a post on the Full Moon in Leo. We thought we would go a little deeper and offer some suggestions on what intentions to set in the New Moon phase. It is understood that we can set new intentions during the New Moon Cycle and then have it materialize or deepen the idea once we move into the Full Moon phase. This does not necessarily suggest that we can set new intentions on the New Moon and then watch them come into full fruition on the next Full Moon.

It is suggested that you place your intention on an area of life that resonates with the sign the Moon is in or house placement and then when the next Full Moon comes and moves into the same sign that correlates with the intentions you set, the intention can develop or extend onto the next level. In other words, let’s say that the New Moon is in the sign of Virgo and is transiting through the tenth house. This could be the time to put into motion change in the work environment and perhaps find ways to make it run more smooth. When the Full Moon enters the sign of Virgo again or moves into the tenth house, you should see a manifestation along the same lines that now affects your occupation or workplace. You could carry this further on the next Full Moon phase entering into the sign of Virgo or even Capricorn or in the tenth house and delve deeper to seek out ways to promote what it is you set in motion when the initial New Moon cycle was in Virgo.

The sign and house position can assist you in making the right choices and would assist in the appropriate timing to move in this direction. When the cycle of the Full Moon re-enters into the same sign, it renews the initial intention which was set.

Another example might be with the New Moon in Libra or in the fifth house. We could make a commitment or set into motion the formation of a meaningful relationship. When the Full Moon comes back into the sign of Libra or enters the fifth house or even the seventh house, you could seek out ways to enhance this opportunity and allow yourself to be more open to such possibilities. If you were to meet someone during this phase or the next phase, perhaps it would then be appropriate to move to the next stage for a more meaningful and loving relationship.

It is believed by this Astrologer that if you make intentions that are in line with the sign or house position of the Moon then the potential for these intentions to materialize is much greater.

It should be pointed out that if the Moon is moving into Void Off Course then it is wise not to have any expectations as quite often when the Moon is in this position, plans do not materialize. It is best to wait until the Moon moves out of Void Off Course. The Void Off Course can last from minutes to several days. You might also have a look at the transits during this time and see if they concur with the plans you are setting.

Remember that Astrology points the way. We, however, must make the moves and put into motion that which the cosmos is offering. Astrology is a wonderful tool but we are always in control. Even when life seems to dictate, we have full control over our reactions and our choices.

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