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On February 8, 2016, we will be experiencing a New Moon moving into the sign of Aquarius. This Aquarius Moon will reach its intensity at 19 degrees and 16 minutes and signifies new beginnings and the awakening of our aspirations. There is often a need to break free of any limiting conditions in life. Sometimes our need for change can create radical action. A steady pace and a calm outlook would be a much safer approach. We need direction and focus before we move headlong into our chosen course of action.

The New Moon is a time to set things in motion, a time to plan the seeds of change. Normally, when the full Moon reaches the sign of Aquarius (which is in August, 2016), we can reap the rewards of our actions (harvest the fruits of our labour).

The house in which the New Moon is transiting through in our personal charts will provide some indication of what area of life needs a change of direction and a new focus.

There is often a focus on humanitarian issues with Aquarius and the approach we take should be selfless and ultimately good of all individuals involved. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and co-ruled by the planet Saturn. Uranus wants to act on impulse and without restraint while Saturn’s action is much more of a steady and cautious approach. These two linked together when working at their best, instigates a new positive approach to any dilemma or situation which has stagnated in our lives. We should move forward using careful consideration before jumping into action. Our natural tendency will be to make quick decisive moves in the direction indicated by the house position. We may, at times, under this influence jump ahead without the necessary forethought that may be required.

If it is possible to take a slower approach and think before jumping, our focus will have a much greater chance of success. Saturn will stabilize things somewhat and it works in quite an opposite way than Uranus, but on the other hand, Uranus is the awakener and what needs to be shaken out of complacency will be when influenced by the energies of Uranus.

This influence, as mentioned, will affect the area of life that the transiting Moon is moving through (house position), therefore, for example, if it were moving through the fifth house, these changes may evolve around your children, your creativity or a romantic partner. You will have to be careful not to move too quickly or make any rash decisions in these areas.

If, for example, it deals with your occupation, the tenth house would be involved.

Remember although some of the changes taking hold in your life appear to be rather sudden, unexpected and sometimes out of your control, they will benefit you as time passes and you begin to catch a glimpse of the real purpose behind these events. Do not be too quick to decipher the meanings of life and always recognize that all changes happen for a reason. These changes provide you with the shift that needs to take place. Nothing is by chance.

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