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We are experiencing a New Moon, today, April 7, 2016 at 18 degrees Aries. Those that have planetary links from 14 degrees to 22 degrees in Aries or an influence on the cusps of either the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses, especially the Ascendant and Midheaven, you will be particularly affected by this New Moon. The areas of life that will be affected will relate to the houses or house cusps that these degrees influence.

This New Moon in Aries represents the launch or start of a push in life. The desire to move forward in a chosen direction is often indicated by the houses that are being affected along with the cusps mentioned. This is a good time to pursue a course of action and this could relate to business ventures if the Midheaven is affected, financially improvements if the second house is affected, for example. Relationships will be influenced if Venus on say the seventh or fifth house is involved or if Mars is involved in the equation.

Aries is all about driving yourself forward in life and going after what you want. It is very self-directed and you will have to be the one that pushes things into action. There are many entrepreneurs who fall under a strong Aries emphasis in their birth charts. They like to be the first ones to move into situations but are not afraid of failure. To an individual with strong Aries influence, failure to them it just a means to beginning anew either later in a new direction or with more study and education since the last previous effort.

Aries can be a little too self-centred, so when you decide to move ahead with your plans, be sure that it will benefit others as well as yourself. When you focus your attention on a broader scale, you will have a greater chance of success. If you fail or if you do not quite hit your mark which will be identified in 6 months time, you can get right back up again and make the necessary adjustments and carry on. This should not be considered a failure if things do not work out as planned, but should be reviewed as a lesson well learned that you can use to your benefit.

As mentioned, the fruits of your labour will be revealed in six months’ time (October, 2016) when the Full Moon is in Aries (harvest time). If yours is an ongoing project, you could take it to the next level at the time of the full moon, or cut your losses, redirect your focus and move forward.

Aries likes to rush things and has little patience. This would be something to remember as you pursue your objectives. Mistakes happen when you rush, so make sure you take the necessary time to make the appropriate plans and take one step at a time. This reduces the chances of having to start over again. Remember there is no such thing as a failure and if you fall short of your mark, it just means the timing is not right. Something will come your way and offer a different perspective, a more finely tuned approach, when the timing is right. Success is always quite possible as long as we do not take shortcuts and do the right things for the right reasons.

All the very best in reaching and fulfilling the intentions you set today.

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