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We will be experiencing a New Moon at 15 degrees Aries today, April 5, 2019, at 4:52 am EDT.

Aries is a Cardinal, fire sign and is suggestive of a sometimes aggressive urge to motivate one’s self forward in life. This could incorporate anything from internal changes and self-examination to beginning a new relationship or starting a new business.

Aries is an enterprising sign and most often needs little to find motivation. This New Moon will affect all people with a planet within an orb of up to 5 degrees (so anyone with a planet or angle between 10 to 20 degrees of any sign). Conjunctions are always the most relevant and often instigate activity and emphasis depending on which planet and which houses are involved in the equation.

A New Moon is a good time to be starting a new project, getting it off the ground or deciding on a plan of action. Motivation is always the key and with this New Moon being in the sign of Aries, there may be more intension to push forward. Motivation should come easy and we will not have to work as hard at pushing ourselves ahead under this influence.

It is important to understand, however, that even if the energies suggest positive push, we can always enhance the experience by pushing ahead ourselves. Never let energies pass by without taking advantage of what is available, without putting in some type of effort. The amount of time we spend and the energy we put forth with our objectives will be evidence in the outcome.

The energy of Aries can be a little too pushy, so if others are involved, it is important that we make sure we do not dominate others by expecting them to push ahead as hard as we might want to.

We will be quite eager to move ahead and the energies might be quite favourable because transiting Jupiter will touch this degree and may have some influence in the summer of this year. Jupiter will be trine to this Aries position in the sign of Sagittarius and may stimulate positive flow and positive influence with what we are putting into place at this time.

It will be important to be patient during this influence. Do not rush things even though Aries will really want to promote anything it is trying to achieve. Aries is known to jump ahead prematurely and in so doing, it is normal to experience mistakes along the way. This does not necessarily mean that we will make mistakes and have to begin again, but it would be wise to take our time and assess matters to ensure that we seeing things clearly and not just jumping for the sake of jumping.

This will be a time to forge ahead. If we set out on a new venture and fall short, we can always pick up the pieces and begin again if so required. This is the Arian way.

The energies are always positive even when stumbling blocks are part of the venture (example natal Saturn square to this position). We can do much with the right attitude and expectations. Lessons are always important.

We cannot sell ourselves short by not trying something because of fear, no matter if the fear is generated by others or from within.

We are the only ones that hold us back.

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