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The New Moon’s energies help to initiate plans. The energies of the new moon allow you to plant the seeds of growth. With the New Moon in the sign of Aries, it is a fantastic time to move ahead with these plans. Hopefully you have prepared the garden of life for the seeds and are not tossing them on barren land. There is a chance for these seeds that land on barren lands will grow but why not prepare for a great change through a wonderful harvest?

Aries is the sign of action and pushing forward in a chosen direction. It is not about assisting others, although Aries energies certainly can be used in this way. Aries wants to pursue something that holds a special place in their own heart and is self-generated.

This New Moon in Aries is at 7 degrees so anyone with either an angle (MC, ASC, IC or DC) or a planetary link within 2 to 12 degrees can use these energies linked with these angles or planetary influences in their life now. If you can, use these energies on something that is self-gratifying or self-initiated, as Aries wants to be the one making the decisions or needs to lead in some way. Remember to take into consideration the house where the conjunction or the houses where these planetary link or angles are found. The houses involved will be the areas of life that are now being activated. You can use these energies with anything that might be linked to these houses with a great possibility of success.

Take your time even though Aries will want you to rush in. The more you plan, the better the potential for success. Aries tends to be aggressive in its pursuit and has very little patience. Those that do move in haste may find that a redo is in order later on and although they may have no problem starting again down the road, the energies are in place right now and in the near future to build on anything you decide is worth following up on.

If this idea happens to be something original then the potential for success is even higher. Of course you will have to take into consideration the overall conditions in the natal chart (aspects from other planets) and review what the potential is and the best way to go about building on the potential of this endeavour. It may be a good time to start a business as long as you are prepared and you are not going in blind. Anything that promotes you in personal ways can be attainable if all the energies are working in your favour. Some other aspects may create challenges but the potential is still present. You may just have to push a little harder.

This is the time to actually be aggressive in your quest and your following through is imperative. Do not just sit and think about it. You need to address this opportunity. If by chance you find that you fall short down the road, when the opposition between the Sun and Moon arrives in 6months time, you can make adjustments or even start over again. The actions taken now can be reviewed and altered at that time.

Enjoy the energies and make use of them. Success and self-motivation is highlighted now.

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