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On July 20, 2020 at 1:32 p.m. EDT, we will be experiencing a New Moon in Cancer at 28 degrees. This New Moon will be in direct opposition to transiting Saturn which is at 28 degrees Capricorn conjunct transiting Pluto at 23 degrees. We will also have the Part Of Fortune in square, the Vertex in Sextile and the North Node in Semi-Sextile all to this position of the New Moon.

A New Moon speaks in terms of a new beginning and is a great time to embark on something that you might have been thinking about starting for some time. It is always suggested that you take the necessary time to formulate a plan of action before beginning any project unless perhaps transiting Mars is part of the equation. Even with Mars, it is still suggested that you begin anything with some forethought and not jump in blindly.

Depending on where this New Moon falls in your natal chart (house position and aspects to this placement) you will be able to define what areas of life are involved and whether there will be challenging or flowing energies associated with this plan of action. The natal chart must always be explored to realize the potential from an astrological perspective. If you have natal planets or angles within 3 degrees of this 28 degree positioning of the New Moon especially by conjunction, square or opposition, you will likely be affected by this position of the New Moon.

The New Moon in the sign of Cancer often speaks of family and nurturing or assisting in some form those in relationship to you. Cancer is a sensitive sign and “feels” rather than deals with things through mental processing and is very attuned to intuitive feedback. Cancer cares deeply about family and is also highly influenced by their surroundings. This includes other people as well as the environment particularly the home as Cancer energies associate with the home.

When in opposition to Saturn as in this case with the New Moon’s positioning, there can be obstacles and delays especially from other people, for the plans you may be attempting to set into motion. Saturn does create hurdles and difficulties and speaks of diligent effort as a requirement to achieving something viable and that will stand the test of time. Saturn which insists on diligence and hard work often indicates that the efforts applied will be rewarded with a solid foundation with which we can work from.

The Semi-Sextile from the transiting North Node suggests opportunities are in place which can be used to achieve what you set out to do. This Semi-Sextile suggests that we are in the right place at the right time. The North Node often suggests that we are on target and moving in the right direction with the goals we have in mind. The North Node always points us towards the direction we are meant to follow.

The Vertex in Sextile to this position suggests that there will likely be a turning point with these plans and perhaps we will need to act at this point.

The square from the Part of Fortune (out by three degrees) will often propel us in our intended direction because there is energy in place which pushes us into action due to a challenge we face. The Part of Fortune may not be that influential although still somewhat pertinent and speaks of an opportunity for good fortune although due to the square aspect, it also speaks of hindrances along the way.

The House in you chart where this New Moon is found will be the area of life that is mostly affected by these energies in place, and we can either choose to push our way forward or sit back and do nothing or very little with the potential now beginning to formulate. It is always up to us which path we choose to follow. Use the energies wisely.

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