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The new Moon always suggests an opportunity for new beginning and for growth and expansion. This phase of the moon, for the most part, is related to setting goals and moving forward towards your ambitions. This is the time to plant your seeds. This is particularly so with the New Moon in Capricorn which is the sign related to business enterprises, advancement and goal oriented objectives. Capricorn will provide you with the determination and endurance to achieve or at least set in motion these intentions.

At the same time as the new moon, there is also a sextile to the Moon from Mars and Neptune, both in the sign of Pisces. Sextiles are aspects of opportunities and are related to the effort on your part to push yourself ahead in these endeavours. With both these planets in Pisces, you should make sure that what you are trying to achieve is also related to helping others as well as aiding your own ambitions. Pisces and Neptune are often related to selfless service and working for the underdog on some level. So if you are working in areas related to service where those less fortunate than your are the main focus, you will undoubtedly do well. Charity organizations as well as spiritually related organizations would benefit greatly from your involvement. Capricorn, however, is earth oriented and organizations that incorporate some of these matters would not only help you to help others, but may offer you a chance for recognition for your efforts.

Capricorn deals with stability as well as acknowledgement obtained through a persistent effort and consistent approach to whatever project you want to become involved with. This can include ambitious desires and you may find that you now are experiencing an increase in responsibilities and also recognition from those in positions of authority. You may find that your hard work has paid off and now you are presented with an opportunity for advancement or a raise in pay. Much of what has potential to fall in place often comes to fruition after a struggle. Realize what needs to take place in order to promote your talents and then follow through as these as this can lead to great achievements.

Transiting Mercury will be in retrograde until January 8, 2017. It will stagnate some of these energies. In many cases, particularly if you also have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, Astrologers will suggest that you wait until Mercury goes direct before moving ahead. The best road to take will be one of planning and preparing for the actions that you wish to take. On or after the 8th of January, you can move forward although this is only a suggestion and the rest of your chart may suggest otherwise. If you have prepared diligently, moving forward now may not be too bad of an idea. You may not have to wait.

Transiting Mercury will be conjunct this New Moon at 7 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn. Use these energies to initiate what you want to take place in the coming days and remain optimistic about the results. If the energies of Capricorn are not directed properly, the end result may be a pessimistic attitude about what you are trying to achieve. Recognize that it takes time to build an empire even if what you are trying to accomplish is a much lesser goal. Take the necessary time to think things out clearly and be ready to act shortly.

Good luck in your endeavours.

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