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As many of our readers are aware, the New Moon is associated with the beginning of things. It is the time to plant new seeds. According to the sign and house position it is located in within the natal chart, this will be the area of life the energies will work most naturally with. You can use an orb of influence of up to 5 degrees when interpreting this placement. This New Moon on January 16, 2018 will talk place at 9:18 p.m. EST and will be located in the sign of Capricorn at 26 degrees.

The Sun and the Moon are in conjunction with one another in the sign of Capricorn at the time of the New Moon. Capricorn is often linked to achievement and quite often associated with business and the building of a career or goals in life.

As we enter this New Moon phase and once you have located the area of life involved (house position) specific to you, you can utilize these energies associated with Capricorn to your benefit. These energies suggest that some hard and diligent effort will be a requirement and although the goals may soar, remember the higher we aim the greater the results. Often we can expect to see the return from our hard work when the Full Moon is in Capricorn some six months later (in this case by June 28, 2018). At that time, we can review and harvest what we put in place under the influence of the New Moon in Capricorn and begin to reap the rewards of our diligent work. Alternatively, after our review, we may decide to begin again because we did not nurture the seeds that we planted (Capricorn would never quit however). Much of what transpires at that Full Moon Capricorn harvest (in June) will be directly correlated with what we did after we planted our seeds of intension.

This New Moon as mentioned suggests hard work, and we will be required to put forth a consistent effort. The lessons of patience, perseverance and possibly some setbacks may be part of the nurturing process. This could involve relationships of significance especially if this configuration is tied to the ascendant or seventh house. It could involve the home and family or occupation especially if this configuration is tied to the IC or MC. This may tie in with orchestrated efforts in our health regimented if it is tied to the sixth or twelfth houses. It may be tied to our finances or other people’s finances which directly affects our inner security if linked to the second or eighth houses. Some begin love affairs or attend to social gatherings especially if tied to the fifth or eleventh houses and the list goes on.

A steadfast approach to whatever areas of life that might be involved would be necessary as this is often a requirement with Capricorn. As mentioned earlier, do not give up or feel as though you can never move forward with what is planned. This will only thwart what you are trying to accomplish. Being in a state of conscious effort to promote opportunity and positivity is always recommended regardless of what we might find our focused.

Capricorn, at times, can be negative and can expect failure or shortcomings but persistence often produces favourable results and concrete outcomes as time goes by.

Stay focused and determined. You will reap the equivalent of your effort. You may be gleefully surprised at the final outcome. Never give up and stay true to yourself.

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