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We will be experiencing a New Moon in Gemini on June 4, 2016 at 10:59 p.m. in our area. The New Moon is a time to plan and plant seeds, to set things in motion and start moving in a direction of choice. This New Moon in Gemini is conjunct the Sun at 14 degrees. If you have any planets in your birth chart at 14 degrees (a range from 11-17degrees) either conjunct, opposition, square, quincunx, trine or sextile, (in other words in major aspect), you will find the energies of this particular New Moon influential in your life.

Gemini’s energies strongly influence communication and interaction with others. Discussions about most any subject and furthering the intellect are very reflective of what Gemini would want to accomplish. As a result, you could prepare for things such as schooling yourself either through reading, research or continued education under the influence of this new Moon. Moving towards in these areas and establishing what you want to accomplish for yourself can be activated during this New Moon phase.

If you have been contemplating furthering your education, beginning a book (this includes publishing or preparing to write a book), this would be a good time to start such projects. If you have other planets making aspect to this degree in your birth chart, (much will depend on what type of aspect) you can push forward, either through some struggle or through easy flow of energy. Again, much depends on the planets making aspects and the houses involved.

Transiting Venus is conjunct within minutes to this New Moon phase. This suggests potential for open communication with women, especially young women, potential opportunities to move into a relationship and the potential for a very social time. These are all favourable opportunities as Venus can bring about romance especially if Mars is part of the aspect configuration.

Transiting Jupiter is in square to this position, actually forming a Mutable Cross with Transiting Pluto and Transiting Neptune. These latter aspects suggest some challenging conditions along the way.

A Grand Cross does suggest some struggle, although it also provides the incentive for perseverance and the energies to challenge the issues and make them work for you. This configuration is present for everyone although it weakens rather quickly lasting only about one week. The New Moon is part of this configuration (which is very temporary), but does suggest some early struggles and then with perseverance, potential opportunities as time goes by.

The energies of a Grand Cross usually feels like you are being pulled in several directions all at once and initially this could be cause for great pressure and a wish to move out of this difficulty. If you are influenced due to other planetary connections, you will need to find a place (mentally) where you can view the problem without allowing yourself to own it or become completely submerged in it. View the potential outcome as a positive one, even if it looks rather bleak. A positive mental attitude is always suggested under any conditions we are faced with in life.

Enjoy this New Moon and make it work to your benefit. You can expect to see the initial changes influenced by these energies within several days following the influence of the new Moon. Nurture the seeds so that you can enjoy a harvest down the road. It is said that much of what you begin now will reach fruition when the Full Moon moves into the sign of Gemini in six months time.

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