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The New Moon’s energies are conducive to making a new start or beginning a project. The New Moon is known as the time to plant our seeds.

The next New Moon is in Leo and occurs on Sunday, July 23, 2017. (The new Moon is always conjunct the Sun) This Leo New Moons is also conjunct Mars and the energies of this aspect ask us to push a little harder. Your focus should first lean towards something for yourself because, as we know, Leo normally is all about pleasing others. Leo individuals often have other people’s interest at heart. They are ruled by their heart and their intensions are always directed in a positive manner in order to please others. This pleasing of others can however create self-gratification on some level. If we are realistic what we do for others certainly has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. I have even heard it said that helping others can be for selfish reasons…not that I agree but certainly give rise for us to examine our motives. During this New Moon, whatever your intentions, make sure your needs and desires are high on the agenda. It is okay to think about yourself as well as others.

With Mars linked to this position, there will be a real driving force behind your actions. Perhaps your actions could be a little abrupt and you may push forward with little forethought, but the potential for success is heightened if you have the right attitude. First and foremost, you need to believe in yourself which Leo will help foster. Do not just believe you can do it, know you can do it. If your goals do not come to fruition by the Full Moon in Leo in six months, you can always make adjustments and continue on.

You might discover that you have a huge surge of persistence and drive during this aspect and that you are capable of great creativity under these influences. What is your current creative urge? This may be the time to push forward with the anticipation of success and also adventure. Leo loves adventure and excitement. Leo is a fire sign bursting with enthusiasm and you can use these energies to your benefit, it makes no difference if you are a subdued Virgo or a comfort seeking Taurus, for example. The required energies are all here if you choose to follow through. Mars will provide you with the resolve you require especially in the first few days of this conjunction. Take advantage of these forces and create something of substance.

Talk about your plans. This should be an active and communicative experience. Also life is meant to be shared. Leo’s love to share ideas and life experiences, and Mars wants you to express yourself. Aim to bring the family into your plans. The Moon and Mars are linked to taking the family’s needs into consideration and falls into the protection of those you love. Mars is also linked to the potential for arguments and disruptions and often these energies become more potent especially with the ego influence of Leo. I would suggest to watch for becoming too domineering even if you are positive that your plans are foolproof. Having the last word is not always all that it is made up to be. Sharing your life and letting others have their say will not only produce a wider range of options, but will also make everyone feel as though they are part of the equation.

Let the creative process begin!

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