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The New Moon on Saturday, March 17, 2018, will be in the sign of Pisces at 26 degrees. This degree puts it in the third decant which is a very sensitive and emotional position.

The New Moon’s energies are ideal for planting seeds for goals that flow easily with the energies of the Piscean Moon. These goals ideally can be harvested some time down the road (six months is a good harvest time when the Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces). The energies of this moon related to mysticism and psychic connections (characteristics that come natural for Pisces). It is also a good time to go deep within to study self and make important self-discoveries so that you can continue your transformations towards a higher level of awareness.

In addition in or around March 23, 2018, Mercury go into retrograde but this reverse motion should not overly affect this New Moon. Mercury turns retrograde at 17 degrees forming a distant semi-sextile (out of orb but those more individuals who are more sensitive to the energies and will feel this influence) to this lunar positioning. If, however, you do have other connections to this positioning of Mercury in your chart and you also have connections to this Lunar positioning (allow a 5 degree orb) then perhaps even though New Moons often suggest that it is a good time to begin projects or start something new, it might be advisable that you wait until Mercury goes back to its direct motion on or about April 16, 2018.

If, however, you do not have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart and you do not have any planets or significant points (Ascendant or Midheaven) close to this degree of Mercury, you can take advantage of the energies at hand to plant your seeds of life.

Transiting Mars is also making a square to this lunar positioning and this combination can suggest strong sexual overtones and sometimes aggressive interaction. Mars is related to the energy drive and when it makes a square sometimes the energy is inhibited or stifled in some way when it really needs some release. If you can find creative ways of releasing this energy and push yourself through any adversity that might occur under this square, you should be capable of making great strides in the proper direction. Remember, however, that there can be powerful emotional ties to this configuration. The emotions may be strong and unusually difficult to handle. Use the tools at hand.

At the same time, we have a trine to Jupiter to the lunar positioning in Pisces. Jupiter always suggests growth and expansion and often produces opportunities and good luck in reaching your objectives. Jupiter is moving through its retrograde cycle and this suggested that the normal energies of Jupiter are not as enhanced as they would be if it were moving in a direct motion. Jupiter often helps with situations even when in retrograde motion, however. Some say that it works in similar fashion to the energies of Saturn when in retrograde which may stimulate you to pursue whatever you are trying to implement with more vigour than you would under different conditions. You may find that there are some challenges to overcome and obstacles in the way of the project, whatever they might be. Progress may seem to be slow but that does not mean that you will not meet your target.

Regardless of what energies are in place, you should always follow your dreams. Without the focus and commitment needed from you, your dreams never have the potential to unfold.

All the best in creating a wonderful “life garden” which offers a bountiful harvest.

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