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On Sunday, October 30, 2016, we will have a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio at 7 degrees.

As mentioned in previous posts, the New Moon offers energies conducive of new growth. Plant the seeds of your plans so that you can harvest your efforts in the future, particularly under the influence of the Full moon in Scorpio in six months from now (May 10, 2017). We not only plant the seeds under the New Moon but we also germinate them by acting on our ambitions and instincts to move ahead in our endeavours.

To utilize the full benefits of this Scorpio New Moon’s energies, we have to understand the energies of Scorpio. Scorpio is a deep and reflective sign, so not only should we delve deep into our own subconscious, we actually need to bring to the surface anything deep within that needs purging or transforming. This could include anything of a sexual nature as part of Scorpio’s energies can be sexual in nature. Scorpio’s energies are driven to uncover anything within us that has held us back from maturing or moving into the next level of understanding in our lives as well as our connection to our own spirituality.

Scorpio is strongly connected to the occult and mystical practice. Scorpio wants to uncover all the mysteries that these avenues hold. We can unfold or release these energies into positive directions during this moon phase and open the channels or re-awaken these channels within if they have been blocked in any way. In general, if any of these passages have been blocked, we ourselves have blocked them. Dig deep to understand why.

Is there a part of us that is afraid of what we might uncover within ourselves? Is there a part of us that is negatively influenced by Hollywood with all of the movies associating spirit and mysticism with dark energy? Spirit and mysticism are considered Scorpio connections and the general public unfortunately associate dark matters with Scorpio.

If you were to examine the energies of Scorpio under a clear light, you would find that Scorpio searches for truth and nothing more. Negative energies are not tied to truth as they are a fabrication of the ego which thrives on fear based ideas.

The energies of this Scorpio New Moon are actually a time when we can break new ground and begin anew with insight that is at a much higher level than normally. We are capable of clear understanding of our inner reflections and we can analyse these in depth so that we can rise above any intrusions that have held us back.

This is especially true due to the link to transiting Neptune which is in trine to this New Moon’s position. Neptune is all about mystical unfolding and enlightenment. Neptune brings about psychic potential and the New Moon can unlock these channels that are within each of us. For those already open to these energies, this New Moon cycle can open even more doors that were previously closed or doors we were reluctant to walk through.

Mercury is in conjunction to the New Moon. Mercury is like a chameleon as it adapts and takes on the energies of other planets that it is in touch with. Mercury helps us assimilate what is being suggested and defines things for us. Mercury is the planet of the mind and the mind will be highly stimulated during this period which allows us to make sense of everything on a very deep level.

It is time to purge all those things that are not truly you so that we can understand who we are at the core. We can move forward in leaps through true understanding and by acknowledging our capabilities and transform our lives through self-reflection. Get rid of unwanted energies that hold us back.

Pluto, one of the ruling planets of Scorpio, is related to death but this is not necessarily literal. It usually represents the death of a situation....the ending of things and a birth of something new. This is what these energies are now implying.

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