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We will be experiencing the energies of a New Moon in Scorpio at 23 degrees on November 15, 2020 at 12:07 a.m.

A New Moon speak of new beginnings and is a great time to start a new process. Perhaps you have been making plans for some time now and are not sure when you should begin to push ahead. This event, in most cases, would be that time. The more this positioning corresponds to placements in your natal chart, the more relevant it will be for you.

Since this New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, it will take on Scorpio energies. Scorpio has to do with investigation, intrigue and delving beneath the surface of matters. Finding the truth and uncovering any of life’s mysteries would correlate with Scorpio energies. It is linked to the psychic realms of life and is often connected to taboo subjects that are not always discussed openly. There is something secretive about what takes place, and it may be hidden to others.

Research and transformation are associated with Scorpio. This speaks of new conditions taking hold in life due to the dismissal of something that is no longer relevant. There is often an ending of sorts before this new beginning can start.

The New Moon occurs when we have the Sun and Moon in conjunction with one another, so the house position at 23 degrees Scorpio will be the area of life involved. If, for example, this New Moon makes a conjunction, the most powerful aspect, it brings an emphasis and combines the energies to whatever planet or angle that the New Moon will make the conjunction to.

An example might be the natal Sun and this would be considered one of the most powerful connections that this placement would make, depending on the other planets that the Sun makes aspects to in your natal chart. The Sun has to do with goals in life, life’s direction and who we are deep down inside. Who we are deep down inside closely mimics Scorpio’s intensive search for truth and deep connections. With this placement, we may decide to make changes to our path in life and changes to the way we see ourselves. Deep inner reflection will be part of the process and our goals and objectives might reflect this. We could go through major transformations over the next several months and finally reach our culmination point in about 6 months’ time. The effort we put into whatever we wish to achieve during this time will be revealed in approximately 6 months when the Full Moon will be in Scorpio. We will reap the rewards according to the energies we have put forth.

Another example might be this New Moon attached to the natal Moon and do not forget that any planet or angle has to be within a three-degree orb. So, if we are experiencing an opposition to this placement to the Moon for example, your Moon would need to be between 20-26 degrees in the sign of Taurus.

The Moon is reflective of our emotions and is connected to activity around the home and family, often suggesting change on some level. So our emotions will be stimulated by this New Moon and they will likely be more intense than normal and although we may feel the need to keep things internalized, it would be advised to speak your mind and to express your emotions to those you trust under this influence.

Much can be achieved, and security and stability from an emotional perspective has potential to be elevated to new levels. With the opposition example perhaps someone instigates things and causes you to look within and make changes, after your own personal review. In this case you would look at the Moon’s position in the natal chart as well as the New Moon’s position and other aspects to the natal Moon as this will all need to be considered before reaching a conclusion on what your chart is speaking of.

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