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We will be experiencing a New Moon in Scorpio on November 18, 2017.

Some Astrologers have branded the energies of this New Moon to be quite difficult. I suppose that the current square between Mars and Pluto, at least in part, is the reason they feel this way. Mars and Pluto do not sit well with one another and often create aggressive, even violent, actions to rise to the surface. So this is the backdrop for this Scorpio New Moon.

New Moon energies, as well as Full Moon energies, after studies, have been associated with a rise in criminal activities and acts of violence. As a result of these finding and the aspect between Pluto and Mar, make sure that you are in a place of safety and that you do not put yourself in harm’s way during this influence. Accident occurrences also rise during these lunar phases, so operating a vehicle with a little more care is advised.

In general, however, do not allow yourself to be stressed or anxious because of some of these indicators. If you are thoughtful and do not put yourself at risk, the odds are life will move forward favourably. I just thought we should give a bit of a heads up in case you are prone to rushing.

New Moons always speak of new beginnings and the opportunities to get something off the ground and into action. When the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio (at 26 degrees by the way), you have the potential to delve deep into mysticism, psychic phenomena and the deeper facets of your own life. This is a time of self-evaluation and a time of uncovering anything that needs to surface and be dealt with appropriately. Using the energies of this New Moon to begin anew or at least approach life with an understanding that we are the creators of our journey and this gives us power and insight into what lies ahead.

Scorpio provides opportunity for in-depth analogy, insightful understanding and the inner fortitude to move through any obstructions that may have held you back prior to these energies. You will have to take an honest approach however. You cannot fool yourself.

Take control of what you need to do in order to build from this day forward, something that will develop over time. Pluto rules Scorpio and sometimes there are power struggles associated with Pluto especially when Mars is involved as it is now. You may have to push your way through anything that stands in the way of growth and progress. You have the strength to overcome obstacles, the drive to accomplish what you set out to do and the perseverance to see it through.

Take into consideration that this New Moon suggests opportunities to advance even through struggle. Remember, you have to have planetary placements close to this degree (26 degrees) for there to be any type of impact in your life. The more planetary placements in your birth chart to this degree (allow a 3 degree orb), the stronger the energies of this New Moon and its influence in your life.

Have a look at the house this New Moon is in, as this will be the area of life being affected. Also look at the houses the natal planets are in to get a fuller understanding of what areas of life will play a part in what takes place.

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