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On April 26, 2017, we will enjoy the energies of a New Moon in the sign of Taurus at 6 degrees. Those with angles or planets particularly in conjunction to this degree will certainly feel the influence. The actual aspect in your chart will define how the energies will be unleashed for you. The conjunction, square and opposition usually suggest some turmoil or struggle, while the sextile and trine suggest opportunities and easy flow.

The energies of the new Moon are linked to planning (planting seeds) and moving forward to initiate action and to set things in motion. The Full Moon on the other hand is the culmination of action taken during the New Moon phase (the harvest so to speak).

On an internal level, Taurus’ energies are taking a steadfast approach to life’s challenging conditions and by doing so, you can create on solid footings, and will be able to stand the test of time. This could be accomplished through acts of communication, inner reflection and social contact with those that are able to understand the complexities that stem from within.

On a physical level, Taurus seeks and strives to secure their future through financial acquisition, saving their hard earned money and laying the foundation that will withstand the future. If by chance you find yourself in a position of potential advancement during this New Moon phase, now may be the time to step forward and let those in authority know that you want to move ahead and help build a solid future for the company you work for. Some will get promotions and others will get recognition for their efforts. The overall outcome, however, may depend on the aspects in effect within your personal chart. If the aspects in force are challenging, you will have to work hard to accomplish advancements and you may run into some snags along the way, but you should still proceed and push forward.

Taurus is also a sensitive sign linked to the sensual aspects of life. It is ruled by the planet Venus. If you find that you are in love, this might be the time to make that proposal, or set in motion what needs to take place to secure the relationship. If you are already married and the relationship has been under stress, this might be a good time to work towards a conclusion that benefits both parties.

The steps you take now will bloom over time and often when the Full Moon is in the same sign (Taurus) that could be the time that you finalize any actions taken during the New Moon phase. Take advantage of the energies at hand and use them to your advantage. Take the steps now to build something solid. You will reap the benefits in time.

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