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The New Moon is in Taurus at 16 degrees and 41 minutes, tomorrow May 6, 2016. As the New Moon is representative of when to make new starts (the proverbial planting of seeds), a New Moon in Taurus is a time to make plans for your future. Perhaps you might want to start a retirement savings program or start putting away money to buy that home you have been dreaming of. Perhaps it’s time to begin a savings account for your children’s post secondary education.

If you have a planet or significant point (Ascendant or Midheaven) close to this degree (16 degrees, 41 minutes) and you should use no more than a three degree orb, so 13 to 19degrees of any sign, this New Moon will affect you. If, for example, you have the New Moon in the seventh house (relationships) and you have Neptune or Venus in the tenth house or especially on the MC, this is a great time to begin plans for a wedding. The harvest time for this crop would especially be good in six months when the Full Moon is in Taurus.

With the New Moon energies you make plans and prepare. You begin projects and will see the initial plans come to fruition or you will prepare yourself for the next phase of activity. For the best end results or harvest expect to see results during the energies of the Full Moon is in the same sign (in this case Taurus in November, 2016). The house position is important as this will be the area of life that will be affected. If you have several planets and important points near this degree regardless of what sign they may fall in, this will be a very significant period in your life.

If Saturn or Neptune is involved you will need to move ahead with some caution and also make sure that the plans you are making have the potential to reach fruition. Saturn says make sure you have all the “t’s” crossed and the “i’s” dotted. Neptune says make sure that the plans you are laying the foundation for are realistic and achievable. Jupiter, Venus and the Sun offer opportunities to move ahead in life. Mercury says that you should really think about what it is that you want to do and make sure that you know what you are doing.

With the New Moon in Taurus, the energies are all about security and laying plans and those plans have to have a solid foundation and if they are long range plans, all the better. Taurus knows that it takes time to climb that mountain and you need secure footwear if you want to reach the summit. Taurus is also a very passionate sign and if love is in the air, this could be a time to move forward in a direction that promotes future growth together and a deep love connection which could stand the test of time.

Whatever you decide to do with this New Moon’s energies, make sure that it has a solid base and that you move slowly and that your direction is clear. Now is the time to plan and make decisions that may prove to be very significant down the road.

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