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The New Moon is the best time to begin new plans, and when in the sign of Virgo, the energies suggest looking after your health’s needs, including a nutritional diet.

Some Astrologers have noted that the quincunx aspect is associated with health concerns and because Uranus is in quincunx to this New Moon’s placement, it is highly suggested that you look after yourself and make health a priority during this phase. Beginning new healthy eating habits would fit well with the energies suggested.

This, of course, applies certainly to those individuals with their Sun and/or other planets in the sign of Virgo and at the 27 degree mark. You can allow an orb of 7 degrees either side of this 27 degree mark. Be sure to look at the planets involved and the energy that each of them represent. Check the houses placement as well, as this will be the areas of life involved.

The placement of the New Moon by house is significant as this area will be affected not only by the New Moon’s placement, but will be squared by Saturn, which will add some stability and practicality to the equation, although some lessons by Saturn are indicated.

The Moon and Uranus push for change and create fluctuations at this time. This is why focusing on looking after your health (which is ruled by Virgo and the sixth house) is a good plan. Service is also a key factor behind the energies of Virgo although at this time these energies should be focused on you rather than on something or someone else.

This is certainly not just a health related position. You should be open to beginning a new project of some sort. The Astrology house involved will emphasis this. The house involved could dictates this new focus could be a work oriented project for example. With these energies, we have great abilities when it comes to being analytical as well as being practical particularly if it makes other links to other planets and points in your chart. If you receive recognition for your efforts, all the better as encouragement goes a long way.

With this Virgo influence, you have to watch for becoming overly critical. You will see all the little flaws and chances are no one else will be as critical as you will be. Let go of perfections and just do your best. Do not become stuck on possible outcomes or failures. A positive approach is the best route to follow under any circumstance.

If you decide to work on yourself at this time both physically and mentally, this is a great time to uncover things within that might need rejuvenation or even transformation. Pluto supplies this energy as it is in trine to this New Moon position. Pluto energies want to control what is taking place in your life and you will need to have a leading role as things unfold.

You will have great understanding capabilities as Mercury rules the sign of Virgo. You will be able focus and bring to light anything that really needs your attention.

This is a great time to plant new seeds, so why not start something that will not only benefit others but will also benefit you, now and in the future.

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