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On January 21, 2023 we will be experiencing a New Moon at 1° of Aquarius.

For this New Moon to have a profound effect, you will need to have a planet or angle Conjunct, Opposition or Square to this position in your natal chart. The tighter the aspect (allow up to 3° orb of separation) the stronger the influence. Take into consideration the planet or angle involved, its sign, and house position.

A New Moon signifies new beginnings (a time to plant seeds). All beginnings suggest that an ending is also in place. A new cycle has arrived. Set your intensions, work to rejuvenate anything that requires more work, become introspective and meditative on what you wish to begin. If necessary bring others into the equation so they can help you manifest.

Aquarius signifies new goals involving groups of people who are like minded or who have humanitarian concerns. Aquarius wants us to come out of complacency and initiate the new so that stale energy can be released and we can awaken to new possibilities.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and is known as the awakener so be ready for the unexpected, have an eye on future potentials and push ahead.

The New Moon’s energies of New Beginning is exemplified due to the conjunction of T. Pluto to the moon. Pluto (28° Capricorn) wants nothing more than to permanently remove anything that no longer serves you and to change your direction sometimes in rather abrupt ways.

Pluto transforms and regenerates and is anything but subtle. It may take time to realize why things unfold the way they do. Much depends on the other influences in the birth chart (aspects to the angle or planet involved) and what has been in place up to this point. Change on a grand scale is due but you might want to sit back and see what unfolds. Orchestrating the change and putting your print on the equation is always a good idea however. We are never at the mercy of Astrology as we can make the energies work for us but our attitude certainly dictates how we will receive powerful events.

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