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NEW MOON JULY 17, 2023

We will experience the energies of a New Moon at 24° Cancer at 2:31 EDT today.

For those that are touched by this New Moon, it may be an emotional roller-coaster. The third decant of Cancer is Pisces. Cancer has an intense emotional interlinking and Pisces feels all senses. Choices will likely be based on emotion, and you will have difficulty dealing with challenging situations because of all the intensity of the energy linked to this lunar placement.

Don’t forget this New Moon is the start of something new. How this plays out will depend on the natal positioning of this New Moon in your chart. You must have planets or important angles connected by conjunction or opposition to the New Moon to really feel its influence.

What you start now will have its harvest in about 6 months when we experience the Cancer Full Moon on December 26 @ 7:33 p.m. EST.

With the New Moon, since you will now feel all that surrounds you and you may find it difficult to separate your feelings from those that are around you, this may be an emotional rollercoaster. However, intuition and psychic awareness are equally amplified currently. You may know more than what is obvious and intuitively know how to handle situations.

This New Moon is trine to Transiting Neptune(27° Pisces) which is within an acceptable orb. This may assist you in knowing what to follow as real and what might be exaggerated or embellished on some level.

Although not necessarily connected to this lunar positioning, there is a yod forming and anyone with planets or angles around 28° especially in Leo will find they are confronted with a difficult situation, potentially involving a female figure. Adjustments will be necessary as there is a challenging situation from Pluto and Neptune. We must see things as they are and then make important decisions and transformations due to what is taking place. This is often a challenging situation where something difficult must be confronted. We are asked to find our own center so we can deal with the situation accordingly and then move away from what has unfolded. The answer is found in the sextile between Pluto and Neptune as they transit the chart.

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