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NEW MOON JULY 28, 2022

On July 28 we will experience a Leo New Moon at 5°. The New Moon is about new beginnings. For something new to begin something that no longer serves us must end. This is what evolution is all about. For each person affected by the New Moon in this placement the energies will be different. The area of life involved is reflected not only by the sign that the New Moon is in and its degree but also by the house placement of this New Moon in your chart.

The Sun has to do with our consciousness and the push towards reaching feasible goals in life. It is our path forward and who we are on the deepest levels. The Moon has to do with our emotions and instinct and the placement of your Moon in the natal chart is the area of emotional interaction and emotional need. It is our emotionally expressive self and is reflective of our feelings and intuitive feedback that we receive from outside world conditions and intimate experience we have with daily life situations.

New Moons and Full Moons make us aware of the receding and flowing energies of our emotions. Just as they affect the tides, they also affect people’s emotional expression and response to life experience.

With the New Moon in Leo you may feel the need to assert yourself and push ahead with your objectives. The house placement will indicate the area of life that you might want to push ahead with. The positions of the other planets in the birth chart will define a deeper explanation of what to pursue and where to begin.

Leo has to do with leading not following. It is suggested that to achieve what you set out to do, you must pursue your objectives full heartedly. It may tie in with financial or personal security matters if the 2nd house is involved. It may tie into your relationship if the 5th or 7th houses are involved, and it may tie in with your occupation and standing in the community if in the 10th, etc.

There is a trine from Jupiter at 8° Aries, which offers growth, expansion and favourable conditions. Jupiter often brings good luck and rewarding conditions especially if you utilize its promotive action and push ahead. Results will be reflected by how much energy and action was taken to reach your goals.

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