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NEW MOON JUNE 29, 2022

Today, June 29, 2022, we will experience a Cancer New Moon at 7°. Those with planets especially by conjunction, opposition or square connected to this degree will experience the energies of this New Moon. The area of life stimulated is identified by the house position of this New Moon in the natal chart and the houses or angles that are accentuated by this placement. The house will define the area of life, while the planets will define how this energy is expressed.

This Cancer New Moon is a strong placement with nurturing influences especially for family or close personal friends. Your children are likely the recipients of this nurturing and for those who enjoy preparing meals this can be highlighted. Warmth and healing will be highlighted within the home environment.

This is a gentle and caring placement and healing on some level is possible as you can be quite gentle and nurturing. Compromise may be part of the picture. This 7° placement of the Cancer New Moon makes a semi-sextile with Venus at 7° degrees Gemini. Semi-sextiles often suggest that we are in the right place at the right time. With Venus involved you may want to care for or show affection for those involved in the process. Some may go as far as to organize a social event where they not only utilize their potential for cooking and baking but also great conversation with Venus in Gemini.

T Jupiter makes a square to this placement with Jupiter at 7° Aries. Although squares are often noted to have some challenges affiliated with them, Jupiter’s expansive and positive energies will likely not create any disputes at this time. The only issues that may arise from Jupiter’s position is the desire to go overboard and perhaps spend too much money or perhaps have “over” expectations of what is in place.

With Venus involved and if other natal influences agree, this can be a time of love and affection with those close to you or the meeting or engagement of someone who you fall in love with. The desire to help and the wish to find contentment is strong with this placement so it would be wise to use these energies to assist anything that might enhance the situation, as these energies do not come often.

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