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A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction with one another. The New Moon indicates the commencement or initiation of an action or alignment with something that correlates with the house placement of the New Moon’s position in your birth chart. For example, if the New Moon is in the seventh house, it could relate to forming a union with someone special or moving the relationship to the next level, or the forming of a business association with someone.

We will experience the New Moon today at 12:34 p.m. EST in the sign of Pisces at 12 degrees. Pisces may be linked with a spiritual endeavor or a mystical alignment or the beginning of a venture connected to assisting those in need due to challenging conditions perhaps associated with drugs or alcohol issues. Pisces is associated with the desire to assist those less fortunate and often an emotional connection or an understanding of what that individual may be experiencing.

What begins under this influence should have its culmination point or end result under the influence of the Full Moon in Pisces in six months from now. Our efforts and commitment will be in direct correlation of what unfolds or matures at that time. If we do not commit to the opportunity, then we will see little to no results, but if we push ahead and do the required work, we will see the fruits of our labor.

This is a time to plant the seeds with care and in preparation for what can grow for the future. Set goals that matter and work on developing them.

Transiting Uranus is at 11 degrees in the sign of Taurus makes a sextile to this positioning of the New Moon. Sextile aspects have to do with opportunities which in most cases must be acted on to manifest with the highest potential, although sometimes the goals may just materialize (but don’t waste the opportunity).

Uranus has to do with change and disruption and can act in unusual ways and at unexpected times. It is known as the awakener and pushes us out of complacency and drives us forward into a place which is more in line with our present evolutionary requirements. Although change can be unsettling and unanticipated, Uranus takes us where we need to be. Anything that has gone stale and no longer serves a purpose is no longer suitable, and we now need to take steps to align us with our destiny’s path.

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