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NEW MOON - MARCH 6, 2019

We are experiencing a New Moon at 15 degrees in the sign of Pisces, today March 6, 2019.

A New Moon’s energies are conducive to new beginnings. They are a great time to forge ahead with plans, especially those of Piscean nature for this New Moon due to its current position in the sign of Pisces. In a positive sense, this can be related to projects of a personal or business nature connected to mystical and/or psychic expressions.

Whether a novice or a veteran with these areas, you will find a rush of activity related to the psychic, spiritual or occult fields due to the sextile from Mars.

Often Pisces, especially when connected to Neptune, can emphasize vagueness in perception. Neptune is closely aligned with this New Moon’s placement and is conjunct this position currently at 16 degrees of Pisces.

Although potentially vague or out of focus, Saturn will enhance the clarity of this positioning due to its sextile from Capricorn at 18 degrees. Saturn tends to bring things into focus and makes perception much more reliable and concise. Mars will likely energize these positions and bring vitality and a strong push for those that have these areas of interest in their focus.

Having a look at where this New Moon falls in your natal chart, along with any natal aspects to this position, as this will help to identify what energies are at work and what areas of life will be involved for you personally.

Neptune in its own sign offers opportunities for anyone interested in psychic development and can open the door for greater perception and enlightenment. Saturn in its own sign in Capricorn brings clarity and dependability as well as steadiness into the equation. Mars and Saturn in sextile to this lunar position, and also to Neptune, bring opportunities to make things happen and the necessary push to propel us forward with these objectives.

What you do with these energies, of course, will be in your hands. Sextiles imply opportunities but often need to be pushed ahead through our own actions. Do not limit your own capabilities. Set standards which not only offer viable advancement of your alignment with spirit and psychic potential, but will also advance your inner understanding of the “why” behind this incarnation.

You always have the necessary tools to move forward in life. Astrology points the way and helps with the timing of energies at hand. Use the tools at your disposal and make life work for you, rather than allowing these opportunities to slip by unnoticed.

Plant the seeds associated with this new moon in the garden of your life. What will germinate from this?

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