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Today@ 5:57 p.m. EDT, we will enjoy a New Moon at 1° Sagittarius. Those with their Sun in the very early degrees of Sagittarius will not only be experiencing their Sun conjunction their natal position (Birthday) but will also be experiencing a New Moon at roughly the same time. A New Moon Solar chart would be very interesting for these people as it would mark a new beginning and define the year ahead.

A Sagittarius New Moon marks a time of new beginnings related to exploration and potential growth and expansion. This is due to the trine this New Moon makes with Transiting Jupiter. This can be a very fortunate time if the natal chart agrees, although even harsh aspects in the natal chart still offer insight and growth through hard work (Saturn) change and evolution (Uranus), transformation and an end to conditions that no longer suit us (Pluto) and spiritual enlightenment and evolution (Neptune). New beginnings are on the horizon dealing with adventure, knowledge, and growth through exploration and perhaps some much needed freedom. This would be a great time for travel.

Most of us will have some influence although not as powerful as those that have planets either conjunct or in opposition to this placement (0-4° Sag or Gemini) and/or. with squares, trines and sextiles to this placement of the new moon. Know that better things regardless of how things might look now are on the horizon and you are beginning a new cycle at this point.

Philosophy might be of interest at this time. Those interested in cultural religion and foreign cultures can experience a door opening into these fields. Although you might be content with life’s direction, now might be the time to move ahead with new ideas and find more that intrigues you. Life provides the key but you have to turn the lock to open the door.

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