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The New Moon on Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 2:02 p.m. EDT will be positioned at 17degrees Virgo. A New Moon set the stage for new ideas and the ability to move towards new directions. It is the time to plant seeds in the garden of life.

Virgo’s energies prefer to have everything in perfect order to put these plans in motion. Virgo wants organization and if at all possible, perfection before it wants to move ahead.

If you have any planets in your natal chart close to 17 degrees, particularly by conjunction (0 degrees)(17 degrees Virgo), this New Moon might be a key to planting the seeds. Take a look at which house this New Moon is in, in your chart. The house location will provide you with information about the area of life involved. If you have a lot of planets near this degree although in different signs, this could be a busy time. If you are attempting to start something relevant, this may well be the time to decide to take the appropriate action.

Transiting Jupiter is making a sextile to this New Moon’s positioning. Transiting Pluto is making a trine to the New Moon’s position. Both transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto will be at 18 degrees. Trines and sextile speak of easy flow and opportunities and if the rest of your chart points in a similar direction (we always have to look at the full chart to get the full story), the energies are in place to make a move if you decide.

Jupiter promotes growth and expansion and often brings good luck into the equation. Pluto speaks in terms of deep reflection and the uncovering of the truth. Pluto might help with the transformation of what it is you are trying to move on. Much, of course, will depend on how the rest of the chart is aspected at this time, but pushing ahead with a plan might not be a bad idea. Make sure you have done your due diligence. Pluto will certainly provide the push forward and its energies may work towards building something worthwhile down the road.

If the Midheaven (MC) or the ASC (Rising Sign or Ascendant) is tied in somehow to this New Moon, this could speak of a time of personal change and/or moving ahead with occupational aspirations. If the Sun is involved, this might suggest opportunities to move ahead with plans that can take you towards the goals you have in place.

Do not let negativity, worry or a feeling of failure stop you from moving ahead if your chart is suggesting a “Go-For-It” energy. Move ahead and understand that nothing will ever be in a state of perfection particularly if you are looking for flaws. You will, undoubtedly with the influence of Virgo, notice all the little flaws in your proposed project. Do not be too hard on yourself. You will never know what the final outcome will be unless you move forward with your plans.

In about a month from now, review you progress. Watch the seeds of your efforts sprout in the garden of life. Just remember to nurture them.

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