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On September 25, 2022 there will be a New Moon in the sign of Libra at 2°.

Take some time until then to plant “seeds” that can come to fruition around the corresponding Libra Full Moon in Libra in six months from now.

This New Moon has an opposition from the planet Jupiter which tends to expand on things and often helps formulate a plan of action that has the potential for good opportunities to manifest.

This Libra New Moon is considered diplomatic and the balancing of elements that you set in motion at this time will have great potential in the coming months as you prepare to move ahead with your ventures. Libra has to do with peace and tranquility and wishes only to make things fair and always uses an honest approach. Take advantage of these energies available to plant your seeds with good intensions. Work diligently towards your goals and watch them grow.

It is also a time to clear your slate and let go of things that no longer suit your evolving story. It is a time to look to the future and prepare especially over the next couple of weeks. Recognize that it will take some time for your plans to manifest; being patience is part of the process.

If for example a relationship of significance appears to be ready for the next level, this may be the time for things to advance, particularly with the good energies of Jupiter.

The opposition from Jupiter often suggests that other people are involved or that they might even be the ones making things happen. Be on the lookout for others to take that first step but don’t sit back and do nothing with the energies.

Your natal chart has to correspond with this lunar placement for the energies to become activated. Use your energy well and let’s see what the outcome will be in about six months’ time.

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