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For those that are in a significant relationship, or any relationship for that matter, it is important to share and express your feelings, opinions, and experiences. By opening the door to your intimate feelings and thoughts, you allow the relationship to transcend to the next level if this is where you want to take it.

Many of us have experienced problematic relationships and sharing inner feelings may not have been beneficial and because of these past experiences, we may now feel that this result may again materialize if we share our inner feelings.

In order to activate the bond in a relationship however, it is important even though we may feel uncomfortable or worried that we may get hurt or used in some way again, that we share our inner self in order for our relationships not to stagnate and eventually disintegrate because of this fear. We must realize that conditions from a past relationship no longer hold true for our new ones. These new relationships can and in some cases will offer a new definition of what a meaningful relationship should look like.

Fear is often an offshoot of past experience and we learn through our mistakes, but we have to allow ourselves to open up again in order to move forward within important relationships. This new relationship may provide us with something that we have never experienced before and moving to the next level is often what is required to go deeper into this new union.

This is something new and may not reflect anything of the past in any way. It may provide us with a comfort level and companionship that we have never experienced before. We must allow ourselves to let go a little. Weigh out all the facts and move forward with the objective of creating a loving experience shared by two souls.

We are not thrown together by chance. Everyone we meet that becomes significant has a purpose and we are here to grow and merge our individualities into a more full, combined entity so to speak.

It can be difficult and sometimes frightening to move forward and open ourselves up to the personal secrets that are buried within. When the time is right and we have had time to look deep into our mates and our instinct and gut draws us to this individual, take the chance. You might be pleasantly surprised of the outcome.

If we never take chances in life, we will simply live our sheltered lives with regrets and “what ifs”. We can never grow without stepping forward out of our comfort zones. We must always listen to our gut and that quiet voice within.

Yes, there is always a risk in the many things that we do in life, but there is also an opportunity that life will move forward in a new and wonderful direction and it will hold rewards beyond our present imagination.

The choice is yours.

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