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We are always travelling a crossroad, learning from specific experience. We have reached a fork yet the path ahead is still unclear. Let’s not forget, however, we have travelled a great distance since this specific journey began.

It has been a rough and rocky road up to this point and in many countries, their journey is far from over.

It is wonderful to see the nations that are on the mend reaching out to assist those that are going through great challenges. Many countries (and we as individuals) have shown us without judgement that we are certainly all one (all experiencing the same storm yet all experiencing this storm in our own vessel). Because we are one, what one does affects the whole.

There is no denying that life has been turned upside down in many ways and regardless of your take on the pandemic, we all share in its unfolding.

What lessons have been taught to the world at large?

What lessons have you been taught on a personal level?

What can we do in our own little corner of the world to bring us all closer together and help us think in terms of the whole?

Under such unusual circumstances surely there have been important lessons for everyone. Surely, we have not walked this road in vain. I personally believe that brotherhood or should I say, personhood, is asking for awareness. Society is calling out for help. Our world is primed for an awakening and has been for some time, but not enough was done to complete the process. Has the universe interjected?

This is most certainly a valuable lesson.

Continue to move forward. Do not falter or revert back.

We must leave the past behind and venture into the unknown. This unknown holds an opportunity for growth and expansion in the best possible manner that suits us as individuals, but also enhances and pledges to initiate what is required for us all, as a whole, to move forward.

What is your part in the process?

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